Interstate Moving Day Checklist: How To Prepare For The Moving Day

Dreading your upcoming move? Ease your anxiety by reading our checklist on how to prepare for the day that movers will arrive at your home or apartment.
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Interstate Moving Day Checklist
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If you have experienced moving, you understand that many things are involved on a moving day. With the movers arriving at the house, getting ready, and beginning to pack your household furniture and then load it onto the moving truck, there won’t be much time left for you than to direct them.

You may be thinking your moving day is still far, a month away, before you know it, the moving day is already two days from now. 

Do you know how to get ready for moving day?

Do you know what exactly happens on the day of a move?

Do you even have an understanding of ways to survive moving day stress?

These questions are all important and maybe disturbing you as you get closer to your moving day. Move-out and move-in day can be overwhelming but doesn’t have to be.

Below are moving day tips that will help make your move a success.

Rise Early on the Moving Day

There are no more countdowns to the moving day as tomorrow is the day. So that you can have enough strength to pull it off, sleep as early as you can the day before the move, and set your alarm clock to wake you up early in the morning.

Moving day is not just long and seriously tiring without reason; there are numerous tasks to perform long before you can see the end of the move. Your entire pre-move organization and several moving preparations will all be put to the test within 24-hours, so endeavor to make the most of it.

Keep your Mobile Phone Close to you

You need to know that you can contact your moving company or be contacted by them in the event of an emergency, or just to discuss some last-minute moving details. This is why your mobile phone should be with you, fully charged, and functional all through the whole house relocation day.

Normally, the moving will be well organized and performed without a need to make a single call. But, moving day can present an unexpected situation. The major stressful time of your whole move may also decide to surprise you unpleasantly when you least expect it.

Dress Properly

As you find out how to be prepared for moving day, ensure that you are properly dressed for your move. For example, if you are moving during the summer, ensure you wear light clothes. You need to get your dressing right on the move to avoid being uncomfortable through the weather. You may need to go out to the truck even as the mover load and unload your moving truck. It’s going to be a long day, so it pays to be prepared.

Pack a Bag for the First Night

Packing a first night bag is very important for getting ready for the moving day. This will include packing such items as toiletries bag, paper plates, a change of clothes, pajamas, chargers for electronics, plastic utensils, and so on. Be real with yourself; the moving day is always a long day.

Usually, you will be exhausted at the end of the moving day before you have the chance to tackle any unpacking. And you will be perfectly prepared for your first night in the new home with the help of the first night bag, without the need to go through each box to get certain items.

Separate Items that are not to be loaded into the Truck

Some important items should move with you while relocating. They may include important documents, gadgets, essential items, medications, and electronic devices. You can pack them in a separate box and indicate ‘don’t load’ on the box before you set it aside. Make sure they are placed in a place where the movers will not load them onto the moving truck. These are important items that you will need when you arrive at your new home.

Take Note of the Movers’ Arrival Time

Whether you’ve hired a moving company or you have asked your family and friends for help with your move, you need to note their arrival time for the move. Complete any last-minute task necessary before the arrival of the movers. Make sure you are ready and prepared by the time they show up.

Expect the Movers to be in Charge of the Move

We know it is your move. However, if you hire one of the best interstate moving companies, they will control things and figure out the best way to load and arrange your household goods. This is much as professional movers have their methods for packing and loading different types of items. They also have a technique for arranging moving boxes into the truck.

In this process, you will have to sit back and allow the pros to do their jobs. Where you didn’t hire professional movers, we advise you to make a plan concerning the move and who to move what item. It would help if you were properly coordinated to have a smooth transition and make sure that you remember all the items at your old home, not to lose any item in the moving process.

The Movers May Create an Inventory

When you have hired professional cross country movers, be prepared as they will make an inventory of all that you own and plan to move. They will do this to make sure that all your household goods are moved to your new home and be able to claim against loss or damaged items.

Where you are moving with your family and friends’ help, it will be important for you to make a list of your possessions to be moved. This enables you to remember and to know what item goes where while moving. Even after hiring professional movers, we still advise you to make an inventory of your household goods so you can compare them with the movers’ inventory.

Wait for a Bill of Lading

A bill of lading is simply a document issued by a carrier of goods, affirming the receipt of the goods being moved. It shows the detail of the type, value, and quantity of items carried, moving estimate, proposed delivery date, as well as the proposed destination of the belongings. You should expect to get a bill of lading from your moving company if you’ve hired one, so make sure you check the bill of lading to be sure the items on it are accurate before you sign it.

Prepare Money for Tips

Tipping your moving crew after the completion of work is naturally not what you have to do. Rather, it is your personal decision if you believe they’ve done a great job taking proper care of your household items. It is also more of a gesture of gratitude that you are commending the good and satisfying job they’ve done for you regarding your move.

So, if you are delighted with the great moving service of your moving crew, you have no reason not to tip them for their efforts and dedication. So, as you get ready for the moving day, it is also nice to set a certain amount of cash aside to tip your movers. When, or at the right time, ensure you hand over the tip to each mover individually and not the lump sum to just one person.


With thanks to the above-discussed moving day tips, you now have a clear idea on how to get ready for the moving day, things to do on a moving day, and how to take care of the busiest and most tedious day of your house move with no damage to your mental or physical health. With your state to state mover on their way, you are sure you are ready for them.

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