How to Find Hot Tub Movers?

How to Find Hot Tub Movers?

You’re getting ready for your move and you are trying to work out the logistics. You want to be sure that you can get everything from your old home to your new one, and with as little stress as you can possibly muster. So, how are you supposed to make that happen? What about the large items that you hope to take with you?

One of the most complex things that you’re going to have to consider moving is your hot tub. There are a lot of logistics that go with it. So, before you hire your local or long distance moving companies for moving day, you may want to determine how you’re going to relocate that hot tub. Let’s take a look.

How Far Are You Taking It? 

Before you even start searching, you want to make sure that you look into how far you’re going to be taking the hot tub in the first place. If it’s just a local move, it’s likely going to be that much easier for you to work out the details than if you are trying to take care of a move that’s further away.

Knowing the distance can help you to figure out some of the logistical information before you even hire someone that can help you with the moving process. It can give you an idea if this is feasible and can answer some of the information related to the next question we’ll ask in this post.

How Much Have You Budgeted? 

It’s going to cost you some cash to move your hot tub. Estimates have shown that it’s around $150 to remove a hot tub from somewhere. Now, that’s usually removal and disposal. But, what about relocation? Will it cost that much?

If you’re moving a hot tub from one place to another, the price is going to vary based on the factors that we’ve talked about here. More often than not, your best bet is going to be to go ahead and set aside around $100-$200 for relocating your hot tub. Give yourself some wiggle room, and if you end up with extra money set aside, you can use that for other things you’ll need when you move into your new place.

Search for Movers on the Web 

Now that you’ve thought through the details on your end, you need to start exploring who you’re going to choose to give you a hand. More often than not, you are going to need to take some time and just search for movers in general. This can take a bit of effort on your part, but you can usually look at multiple websites and compare whatever it is that you need to do for streaming.

On top of that, you may want to do some research while you’re looking for movers. See what they have to say about large and fragile items, or about how much space they have in their trucks for moving all sorts of items. By taking that time to really look into movers, you don’t have to waste times with the companies that, from the beginning, make it clear that they can’t move your hot tub.

Does Your Moving Company Offer Hot Tub Moving Services? 

As you start looking at options, it’s really important that you think about this detail, and you let the moving companies you’re talking with know about the possibility. You want to mention it as a part of the quote process, and you want to talk to them about the situation involved with it.

In some cases, the moving company that you decide to hire is going to offer these without any problems at all. They may charge an extra fee (since a hot tub is a large, fragile item that will need to be moved carefully), but it’s typically not going to be a lot more. They’ll let you know that as a part of your quote, if that’s applicable.

In other instances, you may be looking at a situation where the moving company in question doesn’t have the tools or people to be able to move your hot tub. In those situations, you may need to do some extra research in order to determine if it’d be easier to get another company for your entire move, or just get someone that can haul it for you to your new place.

Moving Hot Tubs Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Could you just leave your hot tub at your old place and buy a new one? 

Absolutely. Not only will it help to boost the value of your home a bit, but it may actually be cheaper for you to just get a new hot tub at your home. You want to sit down with your family and your moving company to determine what is going to be easier and/or more affordable.

  1. What do I need for a hot tub at my new place? 

In order to be able to install a hot tub at your new home, you need to have a few things ready to go. First, you need to have a level place where you can put the hot tub. Then, you need somewhere to plug the hot tub into, and a way to get water in and out of the pool (whether it’s a hose or some sort of plumbing).

  1. Could I install my hot tub if there’s already a hot tub at the new home? 

Yes. You can either have multiple hot tubs (which some people want for parties and such) or you can just get the old hot tub removed from your new home. In those cases, you’ll want to work it out with your movers, sell it, or get a removal company to take it out.

Last Thoughts on Moving Your Hot Tub 

You invested a lot in your hot tub, so it’s worth it to take some time to figure out how you’ll get it to your new home. While there are definitely some logistical concerns involved, you can work it out with your moving company and feel confident that you’ll be able to enjoy your hot tub at your new home ASAP.

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