Things To Know Before Moving To Georgia

Planning a move to the beautiful Peach State of Georgia? Learn how to make it as easy on yourself as possible with our step-by-step pro moving guide.
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Things To Know Before Moving To Georgia
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Most people move to Georgia because of the beautiful nature, low cost of living, and warm climate. Moving to Georgia even temporarily can be a sweet and hard-to-forget experience.

Georgia is a huge country surrounded by Armenia and Turkey on the southern part, Russia on the north, Azerbaijan on the east, with a pathway to the black sea on the west.

Are you considering a move to Georgia? Prepare to move to a state that offers sweet tea and dripping of Spanish moss from trees.

This helpful guide has been compiled by the Moving APT to guide you. Here, you will discover information on the topics below:

  • Things to understand before moving to Georgia
  • Best locations to live in the State
  • State to state moving checklist
  • Moving APT Services, and much more.

Things to Know Before Moving To Georgia

A lot of people move to Georgia with their families for study or work, or to transform their lifestyle.

There are natural treasures like great mountains, warm sea, waterfalls, rivers, and ancient churches in Georgia. The welcoming locals and highly delicious food in Georgia are some of the reasons that attract ex-pats to move there.

Below are the basic things you need to understand about a move to Georgia.

How is the Housing Market in Georgia?

Georgia has seen the crisis in its housing sector but has recovered from it. Housing regardless of if you are a renter or buyer is fairly cheap in Georgia.

Since there has been an increment in the rental cost, buying a home has become a better financial alternative. There are many areas where buying a house is cheaper, including Savannah, Warner Robins, and Augusta-Richmond County.

What is the Climate Like in Georgia?

Georgia is affected by many subtropical influences, such as the Great Caucus working as a blockade against the cold winds from the North, and regulating the temperatures.

There have never been reports of temperatures below freezing at the plains to the east, making them ideal for country walks even after winter.

There are palm trees and humidity in the Black Sea Coast, even though the tropical climate implies that the rain falls very heavy and usually in Georgia.

Natural Disaster: Threats & Risks:

  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Severe Storms
  • River Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Landslide
  • Urban Flood
  • Volcano Activity
  • Extreme Heat
  • Wildfire

Weather statistics:

  • Average rainfall: 50 inches
  • Average temperature: 63°F
  • Average high temp: 72°F
  • Average low temp: 53°F

How is the Job Market in Georgia?

The rate of unemployment in Georgia is high at the moment, but the general economic situation is encouraging.

There are lots of vacancies offered by domestic and international companies, but the salary rates are still lower, unlike those living in other European countries.

Georgia’s median salary rates see an increase recently, so professionals in all fields have a much higher income.

Although the lowest wages are recorded in agriculture, the professionals in this industry are much needed in Georgia.

That is why this industry experiences a gradual salary increment, while more qualified ex-pats move to Georgia to work in the agriculture industry.

Leading Employers:

  • Georgia-Pacific
  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • The Home Depot
  • UPS
  • Randstad USA
  • Hansen Beverage
  • WestRock
  • Delta
  • Cox Enterprises
  • Genuine Parts

Leading Industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction & Real Estate
  • Agriculture
  • Food & Beverage
  • Insurance
  • Technology & Telecommunications
  • Mining
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Financial

Schools and Universities

US News on education rankings shows that Georgia is ranked 30th in education. This score is gotten from two categories: higher education (ranks 25th) and K-12 education (ranks 31st). Regardless, the state is where highly known schools are located (with much of it in Atlanta).

Here are the leading schools:

Top Georgia Colleges:

  • Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta)
  • Mercer University (Macon)
  • University of Georgia (Atlanta)
  • Spelman College (Atlanta)
  • Kennesaw State University (Kennesaw)
  • Georgia State University (Atlanta)
  • Georgia Southern University (Statesboro)
  • Emory University (Atlanta)
  • Berry College (Mount Berry)
  • Covenant College (Lookout Mountain)

Top Georgia School Districts:

  • Calhoun City Schools (Calhoun)
  • Cartersville City Schools (Cartersville)
  • Decatur City Schools (Decatur)
  • Fayette County Public Schools (Fayetteville)
  • Oconee County Schools (Watkinsville)
  • Buford City Schools (Buford)
  • Carrollton City Schools (Carrollton)
  • Forsyth County Schools (Cumming)
  • Jefferson City Schools (Jefferson)
  • Bremen City Schools (Bremen)

Sports Fans are much in Georgia

Many crowds are supporting Braves, and Hawks all over Georgia. If you are not a sports lover, you might get encouraged to see at least one professional game just to experience the state’s sports-loving culture.

There are Plenty of Fast Food in Georgia

Do you like to eat occasional fast food sometimes? Here, there are many foods in Georgia, whether at local joints or national chains. You might feel out of place if all of your colleagues at work are grabbing burgers for lunch, and you came with a homemade salad.

What is the Cost of Living in Georgia?

In the 2019 report on the cost of living by states according to World Population Review, Georgia sits at the eleventh position in the country for the lowest cost of living.

The current cost of living index in Georgia is 91.2, currently lower than the national index average, which is at 100.

Using the family budget calculator, let us make a comparison of the average monthly expenses in two counties in Georgia.

Our examples will focus on a family of four (two adults and two children).

Firstly, let us look into Fulton County (Atlanta).

The costs are:

  • housing takes $1,031,
  • food takes $772,
  • transportation takes $1,159,
  • healthcare takes $1,010,
  • childcare takes $968,
  • Taxes take $893, and
  • other necessities cost $727.

Making $6,560 altogether per month or $78,717 annually.

Secondly, we look into Dodge County (Eastman).

The costs are:

  • housing takes $667,
  • food takes $706,
  • transportation takes $1,225,
  • healthcare takes $1,225,
  • childcare takes $648,
  • Taxes take $662, and
  • other necessities costs $554.
  • Making $6,600 altogether per month or $67,204 annually.

Obtaining a Residence Permit in Georgia

A residence permit issued in Georgian grants authorization for a foreigner to enter and live in Georgia for the time indicated on the document and invite another foreigner to the country.

An application must be submitted to the Public Service Hall personally or online to obtain a residence permit. The requirements should be in Georgian, but they can also approve an application completed in English.

Many residences permit issues, like study, temporary, work, short-term, and permanent residence permits.

Pros and Cons of Living in Georgia


  • Cost of living: Being the 11th most affordable state in the country, Georgia provides a lot of savings on housing, utilities, as well as many other living expenses.
  • Job market: More than 500 companies are located in Georgia as it is a center for career opportunities.
  • Economy: Considering the cost of living rank of the state, its economy ranking is currently at eleventh. Georgia’s GDP is currently at $564 billion, and the average income is just below $30,000.
  • Nature: Georgia is home to numerous beautiful mountains and beaches. It is also filled with wonders of nature and outdoor adventures to keep you and your family private.
  • Sports: If you love sports, you’ll fit in well here. Georgia is home to Hawks, Braves, Yellow Jackets, Falcons, and Bulldogs, and there is always a home teal to cheer all through the year.
  • Festivals: Georgians can join in festivals right in their street each season, whether the Summerfest, Imagine Music Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, or Dogwood Festival.
  • Southern charm: It is difficult to overtake the Southern hospitality in Georgia. The state’s charm is drawn from its politeness as well as home cooking.


  • Traffic: Traffic congestion in Georgia can be terrific, especially in big cities with tourists and business activities, Atlanta ranks among the cities in the United States with the most congestion.
  • Humidity: The state experiences mild winters. The issue is actually with the harsh heat and humidity. Expect to sweat profusely in season here.
  • Pollen: There are numerous trees and plants here, which is why the state is covered in pollen. If you or any of your own have allergies, don’t forget that residents always have windshield scrapers to get rid of thick pollen.
  • Bugs: There are many insects and biting bugs that are active all through the year in Georgia, such as mosquitoes, palmetto bugs, ants, and gnats.
  • Well-being score: Based on some elements, such as social, purpose, physical, financial, and community, Georgia scores lower than most other states.
  • Weird laws: Just like other states, there are some weird laws in Georgia. For instance, keeping a donkey in a bathtub is illegal. Also, signs must be in English.

Tips to Move to Georgia and Stay Organized

Whether you are moving to another country for the first time or have experience moving, moving to Georgia attracts a lot of questions. This moving guide will ease your moving doubts in the process, from the preparations to how to negotiate a moving package.

Here is a list of tasks to perform before and on a moving day:

8 – 12 Weeks before the Moving Day

  • Don’t procrastinate: Whether it’s your first move or the tenth one, moving involves much preparation, organization, and doings. If possible, allow yourself a minimum of eight to twelve weeks to focus on your Georgia move.
  • Find Georgia movers: Now you have a head-start, make a comparison of possible movers for your need. Ensure each mover is fully and properly licensed and insured to take care of your type of move. Also, confirm any provided references and available reviews.
  • Book a Georgia mover: Book as soon as possible to get yourself the best rate and availability. If you can, schedule your move to non-peak moving season (often between fall and winter) for further savings. It is easily done with Moving APT, so contact us now to get a smooth start to your moving.
  • Inform landlord and neighbors: If you rent, inform your landlord early on to prevent being charged extra or issues with your bond. If you own, talk to a realtor about renting or selling your old property. Just make sure neighbors know of your next move either way.
  • Check the new area: This is one great way to know more about your destination city or town. Go round and through everything it represents, such as schools, activities, churches, attractions, community centers, and employment opportunities. If visiting is not possible, subscribe to a newsletter or local newspapers to keep updated.
  • Declutter and downsize: Declutter your home to maximize space and save money. Work one room at a time, check through your goods. Decide on the things you want to keep or dispose of. You may label or place in groups. Repeat this process across the home.
  • Sell, donate and recycle: Immediately you’ve completed the decluttering process, you can now find your old items a new home. You have many options. You can arrange a yard or garage sale, sell online, donate to a local charity or collection shop, or recycle and items you no longer need.
  • Prepare your kids: Moving is a tough task for everyone, but it can be too much for children. Let them understand what is happening. Make sure you are kind and patient with them. Make them understand with a story or playtime. Also, keep routines the same all through the moving process.

4 – 8 Weeks before Moving Day

  • Begin to pack: Gather a lot of packing boxes, peanuts, tape, and moving supplies as contained in complete list of moving supplies. Do not pack items from different rooms together. Be careful when wrapping delicate and valuable items. If you need help with some valuable goods or your entire household gods, we can hook you up with affordable professional packers.
  • Change your address: Visit a local USPS office to change your mailing address, or online to Remember to update your information for subscription boxes and online services.

Read how to forward your mails when moving

  • Turn off and on utilities: Arrange for utilities, such as gas, electricity, water, and so on to be disconnected a day after your move-out. About one month before you move, make sure that new services are active by moving into your new home.
  • Transfer vital records: Avoid being the one who forgets this important step. Before moving several hundred miles away, be sure to transfer medical records, prescriptions, school transcripts, and so on, while you still can conveniently do so.
  • Service your vehicle: Planning to drive to Georgia? Try to be sure of your readiness for long-distance driving. Perform inspection and service of your auto before the moving day to have a safe and smooth transition.

2 Weeks before Moving Day

  • Hire professional cleaners: Whether you want to recover your bond, or have a nice showing, hiring a cleaning crew is always better. Have them come to your old space after moving out.
  • Confirm insurance: You expect that things go smoothly as planned, but accidents might happen. Get ready. Contact your insurance provider and movers to discuss insurance coverage.
  • Arrange daycare: On the move-out day, there will be distractions. Protect your kids and pets by scheduling a play-date, pet care, or babysitting, so you have your kids and/or pets occupied away from the site.
  • Arrange pet transportation: If you can’t transport your pet with you for some reason, arrange for special transport (do the same with your valuable plants).
  • Say farewell: Before dealing with the toughness of moving out, be sure to hang out with family and friends. Meet them in groups or individually, or arrange a small farewell party.

Moving Week

  • Pack essential box: Also called a first night bag. It should contain those things you will need for the first couple of days at your new home, such as snacks, toiletries, bedding, toys, and so on.
  • Confirm travel: Are you flying? Check bookings and shipment restrictions. If driving, confirm vehicle (coolant, tire pressure, oil, and so on) and rehearse the driving route.
  • Confirm with a moving company: To ensure that everyone is ready, contact your movers: verify arrival time and any other vital details (such as contact numbers).
  • Rest up: Try to relax the night before your move-out day. Exercise, eat a balanced diet, relax, and get a great and sound sleep. You will need a lot of energy for tomorrow’s move.

Moving Day is here

  • Meet with the moving team: If possible, be present when your movers arrive. They may need your physical presence to provide answers to some questions.
  • Tip your movers by providing snacks: This is not mandatory, but however, a nice gesture. Offer light snacks and bottled water to your moving crew. The movers’ crew will appreciate it, and it can increase their morale to move you fast.

Read our post on tipping movers.

  • Do a walkthrough: Now that your movers have completed their job, perform the last tour of your old home. Watch-out for damages and some items not loaded into the moving truck.
  • Enjoy the trip: Finally, don’t forget to have fun. Begin your new chapter by adapting to the journey and make some unforgettable memories.

How we can help with your move-in Georgia

Moving APT partners with the best long distance moving companies regularly and we use our customers’ purchasing power to provide them all with competitive moving prices, regardless of the destination they are moving to.

Moving APT is a nice pick for your best cross country moves to or from Atlanta, Georgia. We have experienced movers that find help their customers with nothing but quality service delivery.

Below is a list of our services:

Auto Transport

How to handle your car? Maybe you don’t plan to drive it to the new cross-country home, but also don’t plan to sell it. Let us schedule auto transport for your vehicles.

Read how do car shipping companies work?

Corporate Moving

There are unique problems associated with commercial moves. Let us handle the stress for you.

Long-Distance Moving

Regardless of your move-out or move-in locations, Moving APT has the right connections, knowledge, and services to ensure your move to and from Georgia is done easily, stress-free, and successfully.

Residential Moving

We work with DOT and AMSA movers only to make sure your move is perfectly done, and we have the highest reputation.

Full-Service Packing

Professional packers understand the right way to complete the job faster but with no damage to items and furniture. We can schedule the packing of your entire household goods or just the valuable items. Anything you need to assist you further.  


Storage facilities must be safe, dry, and protected from the elements. In some cases, household goods need to be stored in a climate-controlled location with tested moisture levels.

If you are moving state to state , you might need temporary storage, but would like your furniture not kept on moving truck. Regardless of the duration of your storage need, we can get you the best location.

Frequently Asked Questions Before Moving to Georgia

Is Georgia a good state to relocate to?

Georgia is one of the most liveable places as shown by the several hundreds of thousand new residents that move here yearly. The big cities are hyped and expensive. People embraced Georgia’s relaxed culture, clean air, and good food.

According to the list of safest cities in Georgia Safewise, there are many safe cities in Georgia. Being the 11th most affordable city in the United States, Georgia offers great savings on real estate, utilities, and some other living expenses.

Employment market: there are over twelve Fortune 500 companies in the state and it is indeed a center for career opportunities.

What is the needed salary to live in Georgia?

We have a ranked list of Georgia places, by county, based on their affordability. On the other hand, the group estimated a family of four (to adults and kids) in Bartow County to need a combined income of $75,456 per annum or $6,288 per month to live a comfortable life.

Can I drive with an out-of-state license in Georgia?

Many non-citizen clients that have a valid out-of-country ID, permit, or driver’s license may keep their cross-country document once they get a Georgia-equivalent document. No citizen of the United States will be allowed to keep any permits, licenses, or identification cards they got from foreign counties.

How long does one have to live to become a Georgia resident?

For you to claim residency in Georgia, we considered three major factors: Students have to first prove that they have made a major or permanent home in Georgia for at least a year immediately before the start of classes for the semester in which they got admitted.

How can I be helped in Georgia with my rent?

If you are a renter in Georgia who is yet to pay up his rent because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be eligible for help. With the Georgia Rental Assistance Program, you can get rental assistance as well as utility assistance or up to 15 months, directly paid on behalf of the renters to landlords as well as service providers.

Does Georgia experience snow?

Georgian climate is a humid subtropical type, with the majority of the state experiencing short, mild winters as well as long, hot summers. In Georgia, winter is known for mild temperatures together with little snowfall across the state, with the possibility for snow and ice rising, in the state’s northern region.


A long-distance move can be so challenging so the best thing to do is to get the assistance of a professional moving company like Moving APT. For over 90 years, we have been relocating customers and we know the actual requirement to perform a seamless interstate move.

From packing up, transporting, and delivering, Moving APT is ready to give customers a helping hand all through the move. You can be sure that your household goods will get to your new place safely and securely. We eliminate the stress from relocation so you can concentrate on stating your ne Georgia life.

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