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Moving to Las Vegas: Complete Moving Guide 2023

Everyone gambles in Vegas, but you don’t want to gamble on your move there. Use our guide full of helpful tips to make your move to Sin City simple.
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So, you have finally decided to do it. You are moving to your dream city, Las Vegas, Nevada. Although you’re moving to another city, especially an exciting one like Las Vegas, it is not always a walk in the park.

It can be intimidating and stressful, and you will likely have a million questions to ask about your new home city.

Las Vegas’s population is around 667,501 as of January 2021, and there are a number of reasons why you should call it home too.There are millions of interesting people to meet, there is no state income tax, and there is a natural entrepreneurial spirit in this city—a city where nothing is predictable.

However, all that said, the weather is hot! If you haven’t been before, now you know that Las Vegas is really hot in the summer months.

Temperatures can get all the way up to 1170F.

And in the winter months, prepare for highs towards the mid-50s with lows in the high-30s and low-40s.

Rainfall is scattered and lower year-round, at an average of ½ inch or less each month, except for January, February, and December.

Sin City as popularly called by locals and tourists alike, is popular for its towering casinos as well as its top-notch shows, but the city also boasts a bit of the growing tech industry with companies like Zappos, which was founded in Downtown Las Vegas.

For most people, a move to Las Vegas is a dream come true. It has a good balance of exhilarating shows mixed with the natural beauty of the outdoors.

So, before you begin to search for the movers in Las Vegas to assist you, you might first want to get to know Las Vegas.

If you are still on the fence about whether Las Vegas is a great place to live, continue reading.

7 Things to Consider Before Moving to Las Vegas

Before you pack up your things and head to Sin City, there are certain things you should know. Las Vegas is not just a center for lively casinos and bustling nightclubs, there are other things to consider.

1. Hit the Strip

The Strip is expensive when compared with other parts of Las Vegas, and with few self-parking options, this is one of the reasons locals don’t usually go here.

Locals typically don’t hit the Strip often, but when you arrive here, don’t shy away from Las Vegas’ most well-known attractions: gambling, casinos, restaurants, and shows.

2. The NFL is on the rise in Vegas

Tourists are always get amazed by the bright lights of Las Vegas. However, nobody really notices the rapidly growing sports scene in the city. Visa partnered with the NFL to put a shop in Vegas, allowing people to purchase merchandise.

3. Downtown Las Vegas has a lot of history

Downtown Las Vegas has so much rich history. The resurgent Downtown Vegas area has updated amenities as well as a multitude of newcomers who are there to start their careers.

4. Las Vegas Prides itself on its Unique Culture Centers

Locals can choose their preferred galleries, such as the Grand Gallery, Chamber Gallery, Charleston Heights Arts Gallery, and a host of others.

Las Vegas even hosts opportunities for artists for public art jobs and has a unique Las Vegas Arts Commission.

5. Locals Enjoy Hanging Out in a Shipping Container

Hanging out on The Strip is not the only amusement in Las Vegas as Locals also gather at a site of shipping containers. The wide-coverage shopping in the Downtown Container Park is a hot gathering spot to wine, dine, play, and shop.

6. You Can Get Outdoors (Even In The Summer)

Las Vegas is so hot with summer temperatures reaching over 1000F. Locals plan around the soaring temps and take advantage of the cool mornings and evenings.

In cooler months, you can hike at the closest Red Rock Canyon or visit Cowboy Trail Rides to enjoy horseback riding.

If you like to play golf, book one of the golf courses in the city in the early hours. You can choose from the Downtowner, Desert Pines Golf Club, or the National Golf Course in Las Vegas.

7. Locals Do Everything 24/7

New York City may be regarded as the city that never sleeps, but Las Vegas is actually right there with it on this. This is a city that provides non-stop gambling and entertainment and its residents have access to unrestricted amenities.

Local grocery shops, gyms as well as local hangouts are open at every hour of the day and night. With a lot of residents working late for hospitality jobs, this allows them to keep their work life in control. To find anything you fancy at any time.

How Much Does It Cost To Move To Las Vegas?

If you hire long distance movers, it can cost about $3,500 to move a one-room apartment from Dallas to Las Vegas

The cost to move to Las Vegas can vary based on how much of your things you want to move and how far you are moving. It can also vary based on if you hire professional movers or do a lot of it yourself.

Type of Service 1 Bedroom 2-3 Bedrooms 4-5 Bedrooms
DIY/Truck Rental $350 – $2250 $700 – $4250 $1600 – $4850
Moving Container $750 – $2750 $1200 – $5000 $2400 – $7900
Full Service $1300 – $3900 $1900 – $8800 $3500 – $16500

What are the Pros and Cons of Moving to Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is one of the most rapidly developing cities in the nation, and it is not just about playing at the casino there; living in Las Vegas is also great. 

Las Vegas, beyond the Strip and downtown areas, is a great residential region. But it is 40 minutes away from one limit of the city to the other, so a car is necessary.



What is the Cost of Living in Las Vegas?

A lot of people who have been to the Las Vegas Strip think the entire town is excessively costly to live in. The truth is, the majority of those tourist prices don’t escape the Strip area.

The actual cost of living in Vegas is more affordable than what many new residents expect.

Living in Las Vegas as a professional is possible on about $2,500 a month, or $30,000 per annum, but that amount needs thorough budgeting. An annual income of $40,000 – $50,000 allows more space for emergencies and unexpected costs, not to mention a little additional money to enjoy what the city has to offer sometimes.

In general, Vegas is 4.1% above the national average for the cost of living.

PayScale reported that the biggest cost is in transportation, where it is 14% higher in Las Vegas than the national average, and most savings are gotten from utilities where Las Vegas is 10% lower than the national average.

Get ready to spend $3.46 to buy a loaf of bread, $1.88 to buy a carton of eggs, and $3.49 to buy a bunch of bananas at the nearest grocery store.

The average home value as shown by Neighborhood Scout in Las Vegas is $287,423, while the average rent per month is $1,057. That is above average, with the average home value in the country at $204,900 and average rent being $1,023 per month.

For those needing to relocate west, below is how the cost of living in Las Vegas will compare to a few cities from the east coast:

City Name Population Living Cost Avg Home Price Average Rent
Las Vegas, NV 14,17,793 4.10% $441,048 $1,200/mo
Chicago, IL 26,80,484 21.00% $518,082 $2,154
Atlanta, GA 8,95,280 2.30% $365,442 $1,207
Detroit, MI 6,73,342 0.20% $48,986 $1,127

6 Best Areas to Live in Las Vegas

One of the most beautiful parts of living in Las Vegas is that living there is affordable. But this can vary based on the area you choose to reside in.

Choose from the bubbling Downtown apartments to a calmer, slower-paced lifestyle in Henderson.

Below is a quick look into what to expect from each of the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas:

1. Downtown Vegas

This neighborhood is trending with great restoration and revitalized energy. There are lots of high-rise apartments with more modern utilities you could ever want.

From your front door straight to the restaurants, the Container Park, Open-air Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, as well as the great Slot Zilla Zip-line have a lot to offer.

This neighborhood is also the perfect place for urban walkers who want to be closer to their jobs without having to drive. If what you want is a never-boring neighborhood, this is it. You will always find yourself doing something here.

2. Rancho Oakey

This neighborhood is situated closer to The Strip and it has museums, restaurants, and nightlife to offer. It is a perfect destination for those who are relocating to Las Vegas for the action but desire an alternative to Downtown.

One can also possibly escape from the hustle and check in to the nearby Springs Preserve for 180-acres of museums, botanical gardens, and outdoor exhibits.

3. Peccole Ranch

To be close to the city amenities of Las Vegas while also having a natural feel, consider Peccole Ranch in Las Vegas. Locals still get access to amenities like swimming pools as well as on-site parking, but get to save more than they would if they lived in Downtown Las Vegas.

Peccole Ranch also receives a bonus for always being considered one of the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas for young professionals. 

4. Section seven

This neighborhood is residential, and it accepts residents of different backgrounds in search of a place close to city. You will find a lot of single-family homes and apartments in close proximity to locally-preferred restaurants like Apache Taco Shop and Aly.

You can also get cheap apartments in The Section Seven neighborhood, where they are furnished with modern amenities. This neighborhood gives you a city feel in the middle of the suburbs.

5. Summerlin

This neighborhood can be found west of Section Seven and its upscale and close community also offers a calm feel of the city. Those moving to Las Vegas enjoy the 400-acre shopping center together with an amazing schedule of retail options and restaurants.

To enjoy upscale living in Summerlin, there are apartments with the profuse landscape, swimming pools, and the latest appliances. This neighborhood is perfect for young families looking to start their life. 

6. Henderson

Often named as one of the best neighborhoods to live in the state of Nevada, this neighborhood offers a suburban vibe just a few minutes from Las Vegas.

Ideal for outdoor lovers, Henderson offers more than 80 miles of trails for biking, walking, horseback riding, hiking, and outdoor activities.

Locals in Henderson also can choose from single-family homes, townhomes, as well as high-rise apartments. You will discover many places  have amazing mountain views too. Even if you need a place close to Vegas, in Henderson, your options are increased for outdoor activities.

What Neighborhoods are the Safest in Las Vegas?

If you are planning to move to Las Vegas, you will want to know which areas are safe for you and your household.

Here are some of the safest Las Vegas neighborhoods, according to Neighborhood Scout: 

  • Anasazi Drive and West Lake Mead Boulevard (located west of the Strip around Summerlin).
  • Racel Street and Maverick Street (located in the Northwest of Las Vegas and 215 beltway’s north).
  • Tule Springs Road and Maggie Avenue (located Northwest of Las Vegas, in the west of Racel Street and Maverick Street).
  • Farm Road and North Tenaya Way (located in the Northwest of Las Vegas and the southern part of Tule Springs Road and Maggie Avenue).
  • Gartmore Avenue and Bonnyhill Street (located in the Southwest of the Strip and the southern part of Blue Diamond Road (160) found in the Southern Highlands region).

Statistics from Neighborhood Scout reveal that Las Vegas is safer than about 11% of other United States cities. But when compared to cities of the same population size, the crime rate in Las Vegas is on the lower side of the national average.

How’s the Job Market in Las Vegas?

Average! Some of the leading industries in Vegas include tourism, food service, and gaming—all thanks to the 42 million tourists checking in to the city every year.

The unemployment rate in Las Vegas is a bit more than the national average, but the city still enjoys a sufficient job market and a great economy.

Job hunters relocating to Sin City have their choice of casino and hospitality businesses to select from. Pick from the Venetian, Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Wynn, Circus Hotel & Resort, and a host of other options.

Also, Las Vegas is home to the CEO of Zappos (a developing tech and start-up hub) Tony Hsieh, who established a shop in the revived Downtown area.

What Is Las Vegas Known For?

You can’t talk about gambling without mentioning Las Vegas. Las Vegas is known for The Strip of casinos, entertainment, and restaurants, but that’s not all it’s known for.

The Strip: Find world-renowned shows and gambling everywhere. You don’t have to go far to get into something new from shows to shopping to restaurants to gambling. The Strip has it all.

Shopping: There are tons of shopping centers and top restaurants to choose from like the Michelin rated L’Atelier, Wing Lei, and Picasso.

Get Outside: Go hike the Calico Tank Trail at Red Rock Canyon. Las Vegas has many hiking trails to choose from.

Get Married: The city sees over 300 weddings every day. Talk about a city that really knows how to bring people together.

What Are The Best Schools And Universities in Las Vegas?

University of Nevada Las Vegas and Carrington College – Las Vegas are a couple of the best schools in Las Vegas.

The area also has a lot of two-year universities or professional schools that allow people to pick a career and become certified quickly so they can start work.


What amount do you need to comfortably live in Las Vegas?

Living in Las Vegas as a professional is possible on $2,500 a month, or $30,000 per annum, but it needs thorough budgeting. An annual income of $40,000 – $50,000 allows more space for emergencies and unexpected costs, not to talk of a little additional money to enjoy what the city has to offer sometimes.

Why is rent in Vegas so cheap?

Rent in Las Vegas is cheap due to the city’s numerous empty buildings. The rise in the supply of houses and apartments keeps pushing prices down across the city. Too much supply, together with a dull job market ensures demand for housing remains low.

Should I consider buying or renting in Vegas?

In general, if you are staying beyond 5 years in Las Vegas, it is typically good to buy a home. If you are not sure, you should go for rentals as your temporary option until you have a well-defined plan. There will always be homes available to rent or buy in Las Vegas.

Is it good to retire in Las Vegas in 2023?

Whether you are looking for concerts, sporting events, or the calmness and peace of the outdoors, you need to look into Las Vegas for your retirement. Nevada is usually featured on the list of the top 10 best places to retire for its low cost of living and numbers attractions

Is living in Las Vegas better than Phoenix?

Living in Las Vegas is just as good as Phoenix with some advanced benefits: since the tourism industry here is thriving, there are numerous good restaurants near you, and there are many nightlife and entertainment events, like shows and more. Phoenix is large compared to Las Vegas.

Is renting a house in Las Vegas tough?

People with bad or even average credit scores can still get a rental in Las Vegas, but the process of getting an apartment might be a bit harder. During applicant consideration, credit is one part of the approval process, according to Liverpool.

One Move Away From Endless Entertainment and Affordable Housing

Regardless of your reason to move to Las Vegas, there is a lot there to applaud. From the outdoor getaways to the endless entertainment and average cost of living, it’s a city worth calling home. 

While the Las Vegas is known for its bustling casinos, hate temperature, and desert-like vegetation, that just covers one part of the city. There is more, underrated parts of Las Vegas ready for you to discover.

We hope this short guide to Las Vegas helped you to understand and make a decision about whether Las Vegas is the best match for you.

Happy moving!

Michelle Gean

Michelle Gean

Michelle has navigated many inner-city and international moves in her life, but now calls Denver, CO home. She’s lived in several different countries and lost count of the number of times she’s moved a long, long time ago. (It’s something in the hundreds by now, for sure.) She knows all the ins and outs, tips, and tricks about moving, and when she’s not writing about them, she’s packing up her boxes (or a suitcase) for the next adventure.
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