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Moving To Tennessee: 6 Tips From Moving Experts

Popular for country music and car racing, moving to Tennessee requires more than an appreciation for culture and entertainment. Make moving easier by knowing what to expect before arriving
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Moving To Tennessee - 6 Tips From Moving Experts
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Prepping and planning for a Tennessee move isn’t as easy as just packing up your belongings and heading to the Volunteer State. To ensure a hassle-free moving process, you’ll need a deep understanding of essential moving tasks like budgeting, hiring a reliable moving company, and more.

The undeniable heart of country music, home to the Grand Ole Opry, and boasting some of the most hospitable people in America – there’s a lot to love about Tennessee.

But moving to Tennessee with the help of state-to-state movers requires knowing a few things before you start the process to ensure you don’t go over your moving budget, handle everything on your moving checklist, and end up in your new home with ease.

Whether you’re moving to Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, or another fantastic place in Tennessee – get ready for your move with this guide of things to know before moving to Tennessee.

1. Long-distance moves take time, so plan ahead

Moving cross-country or state-to-state is a long process that should be started several weeks in advance of your preferred moving day. By searching for moving quotes from moving companies at least eight to twelve weeks in advance, you can ensure that you get:

  • Your preferred moving date
  • The best rates on moving services
  • Professional movers
  • Plenty of time to pack

By planning your move far in advance of when you need to leave your home or office, you can ensure a smooth and easy moving process that doesn’t break the bank.

2. Tennessee's cost of living is very affordable

One of the most significant factors in moving to Tennessee is its low cost of living and high quality of life.

In fact, for many, the low cost of living in Tennessee makes it easier to save for moving costs since fewer savings will need to go towards initial living costs such as down payments and deposits. Average living costs for Tennessee include:

  • Rent: $400-$1700+ per month
  • Utilities: $130-200+ per month
  • Transportation: $100-$200 per month
  • Food: $250-$500+ per month

Considering that services and products can be much cheaper in Tennessee, you should have no problem finding affordable options for your lifestyle.

3. The summer months are sweltering

Summers in Tennessee are hot and humid, with temperatures often reaching into the upper 90s. So if you’re moving to Tennessee during the summer months, be sure to pack plenty of sunscreens, hats, sunglasses, and light clothing to stay cool – and don’t forget to hydrate throughout the moving process.

If possible, try to schedule your move during the shoulder season between late spring and early fall to avoid the heat and save money on moving costs.

4. You'll need a car to get around

Tennessee is a large state, so you will likely need a car to get around – especially if you’re not moving to one of the larger cities such as Memphis or Nashville. In addition, many smaller towns and rural areas do not have access to widespread public transportation, so a car is essential for getting around.

Fortunately, parking in Tennessee is very affordable and often free, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the budget to keep your car parked.

5. Be prepared for tornadoes.

Tennessee is located in “Dixie Alley”, a new term for areas in some of the southeastern US states that are increasingly more prone to tornadoes. Residents should be prepared for severe weather conditions, particularly in early spring, but tornadoes can occur throughout the year.

Make sure you are familiar with tornado safety procedures and have a plan in place in case of severe weather.

You’ll also want to consider purchasing additional moving insurance if moving during tornado season in case your belongings are damaged during the move because of one.

6. You can get all the packing done for you

Depending on how far you are moving from and the amount of stuff you have, getting movers to pack your things for you may be a great idea. This way, you can focus on other essential moving tasks before your Tennessee move.

Packing services vary from company to company, but you can use a moving cost calculator to get a comparison estimate to moving quotes you receive for the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to live in Tennessee?

The state has some great cities, and the most popular include Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville. Each of these cities offers excellent job opportunities, affordable living costs, and plenty of things to do for singles and families.

How much do you need to move to Tennessee?

Tennessee moving costs will vary depending on where you are moving from, the time of year, and the amount of stuff you have.

On average, it costs around $3000-$5000+ to move to Tennessee from another state. Other moving services such as packing, storage, or car transport may increase these costs.

Is it cheap to live in Tennessee?

Tennessee is a pretty affordable place to live. Of course, bigger cities like Memphis and Nashville will be more expensive than smaller towns, but overall the cost of living is pretty reasonable.

Can I move a piano across state lines?

Yes, movers can move your piano across state lines to Tennessee, but there may be a fee for this service. Be sure to ask your moving company for a quote on piano moving services prior to scheduling your move.

How much is it to move a three-bedroom home to Tennessee?

The average three-bedroom home contains about 6,000 pounds worth of stuff. Interstate movers will charge a flat rate, usually about 60 cents per pound (sometimes more) to move your stuff to Tennessee. This means it would cost around $3600 on average to move a three-bedroom home from another state.

Combined with additional moving services and a similar rate per mile traveled, you could be paying as much as $5000-$9000 to move a three-bedroom home to Tennessee.

Make a Tennessee Move Easy With Preparation and Planning

Waiting ‘til the last minute to plan, organize, or complete a Tennessee move could cost you a ton of time, energy, stress, and money. However, by understanding critical aspects of the moving process listed above before getting started, you can make your Tennessee move as easy and seamless as possible.

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