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Moving to a new city or town requires that you ensure you will be getting more out of life, and in doing so, you need to be sure that you have prior knowledge of the new area you wish to move to.

You need to know how easy it is to commute, have access to grocery stores and how well it will be suited for your family and yourself.

Other things you might want to consider include the weather conditions, living costs, lifestyle, transportation, and employment among other things.

We will take a look out some of these factors that can influence your decision whether to move to Lincoln, Nebraska or not. You can make an informed decision based on the benefits and good life the beautiful city of Lincoln, Nebraska has to offer.

Important things and facts to know about Lincoln, Nebraska

There is plenty of food

For foodies, Lincoln is the place to be. It is home to plenty of restaurants offering burgers to Thai, grill, and juicy steak at Lazio’s Brewery. Whatever food, and drink types you want, you can get in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Nebraska as a state is known for its many agricultural activities with most of its residence farmers who know one or two things about having their little piece farmland within their yard no matter how small. As a result of this food in Lincoln is relatively cheap compared to what is obtainable in some other states.

It is the home of the real red sea

Lincoln is the real home of the red sea. Moving to Lincoln literarily means that you have made it to the Husker homeland and you can feel free to learn and join the party.

Exciting nightlife

You can enjoy great nightlife with your friends and families if you are the type that likes to hit the bar to have great pleasure. There are lots of pubs, nightclubs, and dives around the city of Lincoln.

Take a drive down O street where you can get enough choice brews (Brother’s and Sandy’s) and groove spots (Club Karma and Rule G) to catch enough fun.

Other exciting places in Lincoln that you can visit for leisure and fun include a walk to the Omaha, chilling out with Mammoth Bones, a whole museum dedicated to the Roller Skate, a trip to the Glory of the Sower, the Sunken Gardens, and the home of the 911 system among other exciting places.

Know your commute

Whether you decide to bike, walk, drive, or use the public transportation system; navigating around the city of Lincoln is easy and convenient. Your preferred method of navigating around time will also determine where you may want to live.

For drivers, you don’t have to worry about traffic even at rush hour because the city is compact enough. Lincoln has wonderful bike trails, walking paths, and bike-friendly street tracks and lanes. You might want to get a place that is near to a bus route whenever you wish to move to Lincoln, Nebraska.

Find a place for the rover

You can easily find houses and apartments that will accept small pets such as dogs and cats. Also, several rental companies in Lincoln do not restrict having pets in their terms and conditions on their website. However, you must find out about pet restrictions if you have pets and want to rent an apartment in Lincoln.

You can read more about the city of Lincoln on the internet. You will be amazed at the wonderful and exciting things you will discover about the Lincoln.

Now that we know some exciting things and facts about Lincoln, NE, we can go further to see what the city of Lincoln has got to offer its residents in terms of economic and career benefits.


If you move to Lincoln, NE, you will enjoy and experience all four major seasons. Winter in Lincoln I scold and dry, the precipitation comes in the form of tornadoes and thunderstorms during the hot, humid months.

Hence, before moving to Lincoln, NE, ensure you learn more about thunderstorms, tornadoes, and how to stay safe during these extreme weather conditions.

Living costs

The cost of living in Lincoln is below the national average. Housing in this beautiful city is also affordable, whether you want to rent or buy, you can still get good deals. The monthly rent is around $745 for a 900 square foot apartment and the median home value is about $175,000.

The cost of living in Lincoln is generally cheap and affordable, with reasonable monthly earnings you can live comfortably in Lincoln.


There are several tech startups located in Lincoln, NE and as a result of this, the city is also referred to as the “Silicon Prairie”. If you don’t want to move to Lincoln because of its weather, you can move there because of the many career benefits and job opportunities that are bound in the great city of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Lincoln city offers plenty of job opportunities for job seekers, little wonder it was rated as the number one city for job seekers in the year 2015.


Utilities in Lincoln are very affordable. For example, the Lincoln Electric systems (LES) customers pay an amount that is about 31% lower than the national average. Other bills for gas and water are also relatively cheap.

This makes Lincoln a good place to live especially for middle-level income earners. You can live a comfortable life in Lincoln together with your family.


Roads I Lincoln, NE, are constructed in a grid, this makes it easy to navigate around the city and you will also find plenty of parking spaces around. If you are the type that is green-minded, you will find plenty of bike trails all over the city. Transportation around Lincoln can never be an issue for you if you desire to move to Lincoln, Nebraska.

People and culture

The major industry generally in Nebraska is agriculture, the landscape, rolling hills, and fertile plains is the one major reason for the wild west lifestyle for most people in the state.

Hence, it is common to see people walking down the street in a cowboy hat as they get their daily business done. The way of life in Nebraska is more peaceful and slower because people live rurally.

Moving to Lincoln

Relocating to Lincoln, Nebraska from any part of the country shouldn’t be an issue as there are several moving companies that you can hire to get the job done for you. You can also search for the best truck rental company in your neighborhood if you wish to do the moving by yourself.

From the economic point of view, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to relocate to Lincoln whether as a young adult starting a new lease of life or as an individual with families to cater to. There are lots of opportunities that abound from the farming to career job opportunities, and the comfort and ease of commuting, and affordable amenities available.

When you do decide to relocate, you can look around to hire a moving company that can help with your move. Read reviews about the prospective moving companies you wish to hire and also ensure you get as many quotes from different moving companies before you hire one.

This will help you to get the best moving quote and with the reviews, you can easily filter out the companies with poor track records and performance from your list.

We wish you have the best of time when you do relocate to Lincoln, Nebraska.

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