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Things to Know Before Moving To Montana

Relocate to Big Sky Country without any stress by reading our list of the four things you must know before moving to Montana, and start your new life positively.
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Things to Know Before Moving To Montana
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Famous for its mountainous terrain, wide-open spaces, and scenic beauty, Montana is a rugged state in the northwestern part of the United States.

With proximity to Oregon, Nevada, California, and Colorado, there are plenty of places to visit when you live in Montana. No matter what your reasons are for moving to this great state, you probably are curious about what life is like in Big Sky Country.

Between the hospitality of the locals, fondness for a rural lifestyle, and a rich Native American past, there is much to admire about Montana. If you are moving from the West or East Coast, the cultural shift may be a little daunting.

Below are four things you should know before completing your move to Montana.

1. Steps to Take Before You Move

The number one priority before your moving day is to find reliable local or out of state movers who can help you with your relocation. Moving can be a stressful and anxiety-filled experience if you hire unreliable movers who cause more problems than they resolve.

If you use a reputable service that provides a curated list of reliable movers, you will never make the mistake of hiring a disreputable company.

Reputable movers not only make your life easier by handling all the packing, loading, unpacking, and unloading, but they also charge you a fair rate for their services.

2. Your First Days in Montana

After choosing a mover from among the best moving companies near you and successfully relocating to Montana, you may think your move is over. While all your belongings are in your home in Montana, you still have to complete a few tasks before settling into your new surroundings.

Ensure you get a new driver’s license if you are moving from out of Montana, along with registering your vehicle with a local DMV office. You may even have to update your car insurance policy, depending on whether the provider offers coverage to Montana customers.

If you had a primary care provider in your previous city, have your healthcare records transferred to the new PCP that is listed on your health insurance policy. You may even have to get a new policy depending on where you previously lived, as many policies are region-specific.

3. Utilities in Montana

One of the most important tasks to complete before you relocate, aside from asking for binding moving quotes from moving companies, is to close out your utility accounts. If you are moving to another state, your cell phone bill is likely the only service you can retain.

Other utilities, such as electricity, gas, water, and even internet are often provided by different companies in Montana. Close out your existing accounts before you leave your current residence, and remember to open up new accounts under your name when you move into your home in Montana.

4. Cost of Living in Montana

As you prepare for a move to Montana, you may be curious about the cost of living in the state. Montana ranks in the middle for living expenses when compared to other American states.

Housing is among the most expensive aspect of living in Montana, compared to other states, while utilities are on the cheaper side. The amounts you can expect to pay for housing, utilities, food, and other monthly expenses will depend on the area of Montana where you plan to reside.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a full-service move and is it the best option for me?

A full-service move includes packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and transport. Such moves typically cost more money than requesting specific services from relocation specialists. If you want an easy and stress-free move, this is the best option. Those who wish to save money can choose another option.

How early should I book movers for my move to Montana?

If you are moving during peak season, which is the summer, you should book your moving day at least a month in advance. Those who are moving in the winter, spring, or autumn may be able to book their ideal moving slot if they connect with movers two weeks in advance.

Do local and long-distance movers offer similar rates for relocation services?

No, local and long-distance movers differ in how much they charge and the way they structure moving costs. Most local movers charge an hourly rate, along with a flat fee to rent a moving truck and supplies.

Long-distance movers, in contrast, charge a flat rate for the entire relocation. The further the distance between your starting and destination zip codes, the more you can expect to pay for a long-distance move.

How early do I need to forward my mail and close utility accounts before moving?

The USPS recommends that you forward your mail roughly two weeks before you plan to move, as that is how long it takes for the request to process within their system. Utility accounts should be closed on the day you are moving, as that is the last day you will be using water, gas, electricity, and/or internet service at that address.

If I live on a high floor that is not elevator accessible, will the movers be able to move my belongings?

Yes, movers do have the ability to handle the transport of heavy and large objects up and down staircases. You must, however, warn the movers ahead of time.

Inform them if you are in an apartment on a higher floor without elevator access, or if your house has multiple stories. They may need to bring additional equipment, or an extra person, to help them with your relocation.

In Conclusion

Moving to another state is always a challenging step in life, especially if you have lived in similar areas for many years. When you are relocating to another part of the country, the process becomes even more daunting.

The above tips should help you better understand life in Montana, along with the steps you must take to assure a seamless relocation and adjustment to life in Big Sky Country.

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