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How To Move Furniture Into An Apartment In NYC?

NYC doesn't make furniture moving easy. But with this detailed guide, you'll be able to get your furniture moved safely and easily into any NYC apartment.
How To Move Furniture Into An Apartment In NYC?

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Hire professional movers or rent a truck, measure doorways, disassemble if necessary, protect furniture, and plan parking and elevator access.

Moving furniture into an apartment in NYC will require extensive planning, help lifting, and on some occasions, a special permit. Without these things, getting furniture into your new NYC apartment may become a bit tricky, if not impossible.

NYC movers highly recommend checking out the following guide to ensure that any furniture you are moving into an NYC apartment is done safely and legally.

This is because urban New York is a dense city making it difficult for moving companies NYC to transport large items.

What to Consider Before Moving Furniture Into an NYC Apartment

Moving furniture into an NYC apartment starts with careful planning and organization. This is because NYC apartments usually have other complicating factors such as lots of stairs, lack of an elevator, smaller spaces, and so on.

So, before you begin moving furniture into your new NYC apartment on your own or with the help of NYC movers, be sure first to do the following:

1. Measure the space

Before moving furniture into an NYC apartment, the first thing you must do is measure the space. This includes the doorways, hallways, corners, and other areas you intend to move the furniture through.

The reason for this is simple; if the width of your hallway is too narrow, it may be challenging, if not impossible, to even get the furniture inside your apartment.

2. Plan your transport route

Knowing the route you will take the furniture should also be part of your planning process. For example, if your building has a service entrance, it may be easier to move your furniture through there than through the main entrance, which is usually smaller.

If your building has an elevator, you may want to consider taking the furniture apart and then putting it together again once inside the apartment. This is especially helpful for large pieces of heavy furniture such as bed frames, bookcases, and so on.

Your building may also have a service elevator which you can use to transport your furniture into the apartment. Finally, if there are no elevators or service entrances available, ask your local movers or long-distance movers about what they suggest is the best way for you to get the furniture up to your apartment.

3. Organize a time to move

Before beginning the process of moving furniture into your NYC apartment, it’s essential to plan a time to do it when the building is least crowded. This will ensure that you have enough time to move all your furniture into the apartment and that no one gets hurt in the process of doing so.

Furthermore, because of restricted parking within NYC, it might be necessary to organize a specific time to move your furniture in and out of the building. This ensures that you don’t block traffic or take up all the parking spaces.

By organizing the time in advance, you can ensure a speedy moving process that won’t require specialized permits or cause more problems for others in your building or neighborhood.

What to Consider When You Start Moving Furniture Into an NYC Apartment

On the actual moving day, there are many things you’ll need to do to ensure that moving furniture on your own or with the help of moving companies NYC goes off without a hitch.

1. Clear the path

Be sure to clear any debris or obstacles along the route from the moving truck or moving vehicle to the apartment. This includes potted plants, rugs, and even doormats that could be knocked over or cause an accident.

This also includes checking the route you’ll be moving furniture for moisture or spills to ensure no one slips while handling your furniture.

2. Protect your furniture

Protect your furniture with a moving pad or other forms of protection to make sure it doesn’t get damaged during the moving process.

Not only will this protection ensure that your furniture doesn’t get dinged or damaged when being maneuvered through tight spaces, but it also ensures that your furniture won’t damage building property as it’s being moved.

3. Get help

Because many New York City apartments are located on high floors, it’s tough to move furniture up staircases. Therefore it’s a good idea to make sure you have an extra set of hands on deck to assist with the process.

Possible Complications When Moving Furniture Into an NYC Apartment

Even with prudent planning, a clear path, and an extra set of hands to help move furniture into an NYC apartment, there may still be a few complications.

Heavy furniture might be difficult to move

Furniture that is extremely heavy or large and unwieldy, such as a grand piano or pool table, may prove to be especially difficult for two people to handle by themselves. In these cases, it’s best to call upon the expertise of skilled moving labor in NYC to help move heavy furniture into your apartment.

This will ensure everything gets moved safely and securely, without any damages to the building or injuries to the local or cross-country movers.

Parking is probably going to be difficult

Not only is parking challenging to find in NYC, but it may also be illegal to park large or oversized vehicles and containers on the street without a permit. This means that you might need to transport your furniture into a smaller vehicle before transporting it to your new location.

Alternatively, it could also mean that the distance your furniture needs to be carried will increase to accommodate for an accessible parking space – further increasing the overall total of moving quotes.

Be sure to check the parking regulations for your neighborhood or borough and contact the New York City Department of Transportation for information on how to obtain the necessary parking permits.

Furniture might get stuck

Even with the best measurements, furniture could still get stuck in the stairwell or doorway, increasing the risk of bumping or scratching surfaces. Again, this is where the services of professional movers in NYC come in handy.

They understand the best way to maneuver furniture through tight spaces and will assist you in getting all of your furniture to its final destination.

What's Next After You Have Moved Furniture Into an Apartment?

Once all your furniture has been moved into your NYC apartment, it’s essential to check any screws, bolts, or knobs to ensure they’re all snug and tight. Sometimes these can get loosened during the moving process.

If you have hired a service to help move your furniture, be sure to check for any damages that may have occurred so that you can discuss them with the furniture moving company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to move a couch in NYC?

It is recommended to remove the legs and any other components that would separate them from the frame. This will compact the couch and make it easier to move up a flight of stairs or in tight spaces.

How much does moving furniture into an NYC apartment cost?

Moving costs vary based on distance, furniture size, and additional services. Typically, NYC residents pay $250-$1500. For a precise estimate, use our moving cost calculator. Enter details and get an estimate, but remember, it’s only an approximation.

What is the best way to protect furniture during a move?

It’s always best to remove any knobs or hardware that would come apart from the frame, as this could potentially damage surfaces or even injure someone. It’s also recommended that you cover your piece with plastic sheets, bubble wrap, or even a fitted sheet before you begin the move.

Make a Furniture Move into an NYC Apartment Easy

Moving furniture into an NYC apartment is a big undertaking. However, you can make the process a bit easier by planning ahead, getting any necessary permits, and utilizing the services of reputable NYC moving companies to ensure an easy and hassle-free moving experience.

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