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The Newbies Cheat Sheet For Moving To Orlando

Considering a move to Orlando, Florida? Look no further! From its abundance of lakes and emerging food scene to its diverse community and job opportunities, Orlando has much more to offer beyond its renowned theme parks. Discover all you need to know about making the move to Orlando in this comprehensive guide, complete with tips on weather, housing, schools, and more.
Things To Know Before Moving To Orlando

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Orlando is more than just the theme park capital; it’s a city bursting with outdoor adventures, a vibrant food scene, and diverse communities. From exploring over a hundred lakes to dining in emerging food halls, there’s something for everyone.

This article will guide you through what to expect when moving to Orlando, including insights on the weather, housing market, schools, and job opportunities, plus a few tips on navigating the cons like traffic and the distance to beaches.

More Than Just Theme Parks

One cool thing to remember about Orlando is that, even though it’s famous for its theme parks, that’s not all there is to it. Whether you’re moving here because of Disney or not, there’s so much nature to explore. With over a hundred lakes like Butler, Harris, and Conway, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, from biking and running to water sports.

Plus, you can still have fun at the theme parks whenever you want, but on those super busy days, you’ve got lots of other options too. There’s truly something for everyone in Orlando.

The Hubbub For Grub: Your Guide To Food

Another awesome thing about Orlando is the budding food scene. It used to be all about the big chain restaurants like Applebee’s and Red Robin everywhere you looked. But recently, there’s been this cool shift, especially in cozy spots like downtown Winter Garden, where food halls and small artisan places are popping up.

The food scenet here is getting more lively and diverse, moving beyond the usual chains you might see on vacation to something really special and vibrant.

Shockingly Sunny Forecast: What to Expect About Weather

It’s the Sunshine State, but did you know they only gets about 2/3 sunny days a year? Florida is also the lightning capital of the country, and you’ll see a lot of that action in Orlando. The weather can flip in no time—it might be sunny in the morning and then suddenly look like rain is on the way by afternoon.

Yes, it’s usually sunny, and yes, it can get really hot and humid in the summer, but those rainy days do give us a little break from the heat. So, it’s all about planning your day with the weather in mind.

Are You From Orlando? Me Neither: A Mini Melting Pot

An interesting thing about Orlando is that not many people are originally from there. It’s almost like spotting a unicorn when you meet someone who was actually born and raised there. Instead, you’ll meet folks from all corners of the globe.

So, if you’re worried about moving here and finding your community, don’t be. You’re definitely not alone. There are loads of people just like you, looking to make new connections and find their place in this vibrant, diverse city.

You Mean You Dont Live At Disneyworld?: Housing in Orlando

Something you might want to know if you’re thinking about moving here the housing market is focused on new construction homes. But with the current supply chain issues, getting into your brand new home might take a year or even longer.

On the bright side, there are also a lot of older homes that have been beautifully updated. Plus, in many downtown areas, you’ll see builders working hard to renovate homes, giving them a fresh, new look.

Actually, about 30% of all home sales in Central Florida are new constructions. So, whether you’re into brand-new houses or prefer something with a bit of history that’s been given a modern touch, you’ve got options here in Orlando.

Getting School’d: Orlando’s School System

In Orlando, schools are managed by the county, not the city like in some other places. There are plenty of private school options, like Windermere Prep, Lake Highland Prep, and Bishop Moore, among others. But don’t forget, there are also some fantastic public schools.

To make finding the right school for your kids easier, check the resources online where you can check out rankings, grade reports, and all that helpful info.

Extra Budgeting Tip:

When planning your move to Orlando, don’t forget to budget for toll roads. If you’re commuting for work, you might want to set aside around $100 a month for this.

The new I-4 Ultimate has just opened up, with tolls ranging from 50 cents to $3, depending on the time you travel. So, it’s a good idea to factor this into your budget when moving to Orlando.

Gettin’er Done: Orlando’s Job Market

Another important thing to mention is the job market in Orlando. Whether you’re planning to work from home or you’re moving for a new job, there are lots of growing industries in the area.

Besides the well-known hospitality sector, we’re seeing a big rise in aerospace, healthcare, and tech, especially in places like Lake Nona where new companies are setting up shop. It’s exciting to watch Orlando branch out into these areas, though hospitality remains a big part of the economy.

There’s also a huge demand for skilled tradespeople. Electricians, plumbers, roofers, and framers are in high demand due to the boom in both commercial and residential construction. So, there are plenty of opportunities for work in Orlando!

Dont Get Sunburnt: Some Cons About Orlando

Driving in Orlando means you’ll often be in the car for 30 to 40 minutes to get anywhere. This is because Orlando and its surrounding areas are pretty spread out.

I-4 traffic can be a headache, especially near the theme parks and during rush hours. It feels like you’re stuck in a massive parking lot at times. But the express lanes are a game-changer; they really help cut down travel time.

The beaches aren’t right next door. The closest beach is about 45 minutes away, and some are up to two and a half hours away. But if you’re from a place without beaches, a 45-minute drive might seem like nothing. Plus, you can watch the sunrise on the East Coast and the sunset on the West Coast in the same day, which is pretty cool.

Downtown Orlando is mainly known for its bars, so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea if you’re looking for a place with lots of shopping. However, places like Downtown Winter Garden and Clermont offer a different vibe and might be more up your alley.


Orlando is a pretty cool place to live, with lots of fun things to do, yummy places to eat, and friendly people to meet. There’s always something new to discover, whether you love nature, or just a good adventure. Don’t forget to save some cash for those tolls and get ready for a bit of driving. Finding the perfect spot to call home in Orlando is definitely worth the ride. So, if you’re thinking about moving here, you’re in for a treat with all the awesome stuff Orlando has to offer.

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George Marks

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