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Where To Move From New York City?

Are you planning to leave New York City for another destination? Do you want to enjoy the same quality of life while running away from high cost of living? The most popular places to move to from NYC are Philadelphia, Florida, California, Washington, and much more.
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Where To Move From New York City
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In the past few years, NYC has seen a huge decline in its population, which can be linked to the fact that more residents of the city are moving somewhere else. Recently, the pandemic has also motivated moving so much across the five boroughs, with moving out being the most.

However, moving in New York is not an easy task to perform. Especially if you spend so many years there and got used to the lifestyle it requested.

NYC is truly a city that never sleeps and it is a unique place to live in. That is why it is sometimes difficult to imagine some other cities and alternatives that can replace New York City. A lot of people choose to leave New York City for various reasons. The cost of living in New York might be way too much to you that it may instigate your decision to move out of New York.

The people, nightlife, food choices, and many things will make you think if it is possible to get that in another place. Seeing the estimated number of exact moves into other cities, gotten from verified migration through Unacast data, we will discuss best five places moved to by New Yorkers. 

Firstly, let’s briefly discuss why people are leaving NYC.

Reasons Why People are Leaving New York City

Although a lot of people love this city and can’t find any reason to vacate New York City, certain things make other people run to another city.

Below are the popular reasons why people relocate from New York City for good.

  • High cost of living: It is indeed true that NYC offers so many things, but all that comes at an expensive price. It is possible to live on a budget, but a lot of people are unable to do that for an extended period. That is why after living in New York City for some time, many find it too costly, especially if they plan to start a family.
  • Live comfortably: If you are fed up with small apartments, concrete everywhere, and busy streets, moving out of New York is likely a great idea. A lot of people move out of NYC to access more comfort in their daily life. This includes pets, silence, gardens, and slower life.
  • Job: Moving your work and offices is one of the vital reasons to vacate New York City. Whether your business is expanding, or just relocating your offices to another city, regardless, work can sometimes make people leave and come to NYC. If you are relocating your offices, check our Top 5 Reliable Office Movers Around You for moving professionals in New York for greater help.

The 10 Best Locations to Move from New York City

Choosing where to move from NY is a major decision to make. You want this move to bring about improvement in your quality of life and not result in negativity.

To assist you, below are some of the best locations to move to, when you are leaving New York.

1. Philadelphia

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned Philadelphia into a really attractive option with disruptions chasing 315,638 New York residents, with a median income of $70,733, to relocate to the metro. Lower rent prices, as well as costs of homeownership, are two of the major draws for New Yorkers.

The median rent in Philadelphia as shown by Yardi Matrix data was $1,430 as of September, while New Yorkers paid beyond twice that. The multifamily sector in the metro continued to improve despite the economic threats and COVID-19 lockdowns, which only increase its appeal.

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2. Florida

This state has been a summer destination for New York residents but they are now leaving behind the subway and noise to relocate there permanently. The actual destination cities in Florida are Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando. Necessities like housing, food, and groceries, health, utilities, and transportation are recorded to be cheaper in most cities of Florida than in NYC.

The good news is that Florida residents don’t get taxed on any city or state personal income; capital gains tax, property tax, and have convenient bankruptcy laws. Added with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which has increased the cost of purchasing a new home in New York, properties in most cities in Florida are now easily accessible than in New York City.

If you moved into a bunker, you will have a garden with beautiful fresh produce locally grown to enjoy, and another delicious cuisine that includes seafood, Caribbean classics, such as fried conch, and key lime pie. There is just so much to love about the Sunshine State.

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3. Washington, D.

Even, with the insufficient housing supply that is increasing the costs, the capital of the nation continues to draw new residents. Around 270,000 New York residents moved to Washington, D.C., when they decided to relocate out of the City that Never Sleeps in the early phase of the pandemic.

Even though the federal government and related industries constitute much of the economy of the state, D.C. continues to evolve and diversify. Another important part that is possibly attracting people to the metro is the improved quality of life. Other things may include ease of access to nature and parks that proved to be essential in the past few months, and Washington, D.C. performs well as regards green outdoor spaces.

The Trust for Public Land 2020 study ranked the capital second among the urban park systems in the country, almost 98% of D.C. residents reside within a ten-minute walk of a park.

4. Texas

This is the second-largest state in the country by population right after California and it seems the cheaper housing prices, improved tax laws, as well as lesser restrictions are increasing its appeal as a better place to reside, work and invest. Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are some of the major cities drawing new residents, such as Elon Musk of Tesla and tech giants like Hewlett-Packard (HP).

There is great momentum in the state’s economy and it is one of the healthiest in the nation. After the pandemic, the unemployment rate in Texas has been in recovery with over 7 months of continuous job. Austin now ranks first in the country in jobs market resilience, drawing more corporate employment and remote workers than we’ve ever seen.

Texas is one of the seven (7) states in the country that charge no tax on state income and you sure know that New York is not one of them. There are many tax incentives for businesses to relocate there, such as cheaper onerous regulations while the building of tens of thousands of new apartments in the capital in the past few years means rent prices are also on the cheaper side than Manhattan, San Francisco, and Brooklyn.

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5. Boston

This was one other common destination for New York residents to move to.  Some 240,000 residents with a median income of $82.085 moved to Boston in 2020 between the middle of March and September. Before the current volatility, Boston was drawn to highly ski skilled force because of its speeding economy, which places the metro in a better spot for the effects of the decline.

After rising at 17% in June, unemployment all over Boston declined by 5.9% in November, as contained in the preliminary data of the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Finally, the unemployment rate has been doing well than the national averages, with Boston’s major economic drivers: education and health services and professional as well as business services, doing great. 

6. Cincinnati, Ohio

Finding employment in another city is one thing, and ensuring that all your family has a nice and comfortable place to stay is another. When relocating from New York, you might be able to secure a job in any new city but find it hard to find a better and cheaper home for your family or otherwise. Not having the best on both sides can lead to stress and can even bring delay to your moving plans.

Living in Cincinnati, Ohio, can be the better solution to these problems. Even though the cost of living here is higher unlike in Austin, it still offers cheaper accommodation when compared to NYC. You will be able to find a nice home even when you have just $2,000 to spend. And as regards your job, Cincinnati, Ohio is a better place to work because it is one of the best cities to gain employment inside the United States.  

7. New Jersey

This is one of the smallest states in the country but it remains as one of the most coveted destinations for those leaving New York to settle somewhere else. Some of the advantages of moving to New Jersey include great schools, lower crime, a healthy lifestyle, and larger-sized homes and apartments.

Some of the best destinations in NJ include Princeton, Jersey City Newark, and Hoboken, all of which are still easily accessible to NYC and offer a haven to escape the pandemic disruption. There is no down-saying it, the property taxes in New Jersey are the highest in the United States, at a median above 2% but you will get your money’s worth.

On the other side, income tax in New Jersey is lower than in New York, helping to make things better. While the Jersey Shoreline, which sits on 141 miles, becomes a tourist destination in the warmer months, New Jersey provides you several options away from the coast, such as Morristown National Historical Park, Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park, and the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve.

8. California

While this is a bigger metro than New York, you will escape the rushing pace in Manhattan when you are in Los Angeles. You will find 26 of the nation’s Metropolitan Areas (MSA) in the Golden State but the majority of them are closer in lifestyle and livability. California has long been praised for bringing the dream of fast fame or fast wealth into reality, ever since the 1849’s Gold Rush.

It is still the largest economy in the country, and one of the largest economies in the world, always drawing New York residents for work and lifestyles. Some of the top destinations in California for New York residents include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Anaheim, and San Diego.

State income tax in California is the highest in the United States, together with district taxes from local regions. California also has the highest base rate for sales tax. Taxes permits as well as other regulations also make California a costly place to establish a business, but surely with a population of 39.5 million, you have easy access to numerous customers that may make the effort worth it.

Many people know that California’s weather is great, not to mention its easily accessible solar technology. Many residents, such as the San Diego communities are energy-sufficient. This state also embraces fitness, with some of the booming industries including exercise and self-care. 

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9. Seattle

This city should be one of your top alternatives when looking for the best city to move to as a transplant from New York. Its migration rate is high in the past few years and a very strong employment market. Even though it is highly attractive for work, it is also one of the best choices for those who prefer to enjoy a nice cup of coffee on a gloomy day.

Some of the common and successful companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and their headquarters present here. Aside from being a bit affordable, Seattle also offers many nature spots you can visit on your days off.

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10. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Anytime people relocate from New York, Minneapolis is often one of their leading choices to move into, and there are so many reasons for that. If you enjoy living in the metro area but no longer have what it takes to afford to live in this city, Minneapolis is the best option for you. This city provides a similar ambiance and architecture to NYC but at a fairly moderate price point.

When you relocate to Minneapolis, you can still enjoy a New York-similar culture and entertainment with no stress to your budget for your monthly rent. Unlike NYC, the commodities are cheaper in Minneapolis, letting you live comfortably even if you just earn $3,000 per month.


We’ve assisted you with some choices when it comes to selecting a city for the life after New York. As we discussed, you should select your new home based on your needs and expectations, including financial condition. After you have selected your new city, moving there is left to you.

We advise you to hire professional NYC movers to assist you with your moving experience and quality service delivery. This will ensure you leave New York with no problems and enjoy your new home.    

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