7 Things To Do After Moving To A New State

Planning and preparing for an interstate move is one thing - settling in is another. What should be on your to-do list once you've arrived at your destination?
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7 Things To Do After Moving To A New State
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So, you finally did it. You made the big decision and took the big move away from mom and dad, away from home, and most importantly, away from your old state.

Moving of any kind is always a big change, but moving to another state can bring about entirely different challenges, as well as opportunities. Whether you’re concerned about the preparation, arrival, or everything in between, national moving companies will have all the know-how to get you from state to state. The journey is important, but let’s not forget that you’ll have plenty more to do once you get to your destination in a brand new state.

Is moving to a different state a good idea?

A good idea for you might not be the best idea for another. Not to mention when it comes to your life choices, typically mom, dad, your great aunt, will have an opinion they are highly open to sharing. Or maybe you, yourself are the naysayer. You might still be asking yourself if moving to a new state is a good idea.

The only way to know for sure is by giving it a try, but not without considering these things first.

  • Cost of living- For most adults, a good decision is an affordable one. You should know the cost of living in the new state you plan on moving to. This includes housing, tax, and healthcare rates, among other things.
  • Crime rates- Although it might be tough to admit that this is such a determining factor, the fact is: safety is safety. Always look into crime rates and police vigilance in the area before making the final decision to move there.
  • Schools- Even if you don’t have any children yet, one day, you might. If you’ve established yourself in your new state by then, you’ll want to have good schools nearby. 
  • Weather- You’d be surprised by how much the weather can affect the people that live in a certain area. Take the rainiest place in the U.S. for example, Seattle. Rain can increase feelings of sadness and depression, so if it’s not for you, don’t move there.
  • Political views- Yet another factor that individuals often overlook. However, the political views of a certain area are important, especially if the area is densely populated by people with the same views. You might not be comfortable in an area where your views are vastly different from the majority.

So, is moving to a different state a good idea? It can be, yes, all things considered.

How Do You Prepare For Big Move to Another State?

It almost seems as though the farther away you move, the more preparation goes into the move. Whether or not this is true is up to you to decide, but no matter how many steps it does take, with these tips and tricks, the one thing you will be is prepared.

Research your new state

If you’re moving to a new state, then you have got to become familiar with it. While you’re still in the early stages of moving, prepare by getting to know as much as possible about your new state.

Find your new home

New state or not, you do need a place to live. So whether you’re moving into an apartment or a home, buying or renting, don’t move to another place until you’ve finalized a home.

Inform your family and friends

Making the announcement to others that you’re moving is fun, but also important. Especially when moving to a new state, and potentially far away, it’s important to visit with friends and family that’s you might not see as often anymore. You may even consider a going-away party.

Hire professional movers

If there’s one thing you don’t want to risk when moving to a new state, it’s everything. Don’t risk your stress, your stuff, or your time by trying to move to a new state all on your own. Professional state-to-state movers can make packing easier and more organized, and get your stuff across state lines, safely.

Forward your mail

In order to make it really official that you’ve moved to a new state, be sure that you forward your mail just before you move.

What’s the best way to move out of state?

The best way to move out of state is with plenty of help, preparation, and time. Moving out of state should never be an adventure you take on all your own. Help includes everything from family to professional support. Your family should especially be involved before you move. Inform your family of your decision. Rely on them for helpful solutions for moving out of state, and even to connect you with other friends and family members that might be in your new state.

This is a good time to bond with friends and family members that you might not see for quite some time after you move. There’s no doubt moving out of state definitely requires a professional touch. Using out of state movers will be your best option. Getting your belongings from one state to another is no easy task. Not to mention, state laws change across different borders.

Professional movers will have the manpower, licensure, and knowledge of the best routes for getting your things from here to there. The sooner you inform your family and the professionals, the more time you’ll be giving yourself to prepare. There is no time limit on how quickly you may or may not move to a new state, but the more time you have, the better.

What Should You Do Once You’ve Moved To A New State?

Now that the wait is over, the fun part can begin. Sure, the preparation for your move out of state was important, but there might be even more things on your to-do list once you’ve arrived.

Some call it ‘settling in’, others might call it ‘nesting’, but whatever name you call it by, there are certain things that just need to be done.

  1. Become street-legal- There’s nothing that says ‘I’m new here’ like an out-of-state license plate, and while that may seem fine, after a while you might be facing the legality of it. Your plates, registration, driver’s license, and auto insurance need to be promptly changed in the new state. To do so, take all of your required documents to the motor vehicle division in your area, and get it all done at once. 
  1. Secure your home- Especially when you are in a new, unfamiliar area, home security is not a bad idea. Consider installing an alarm, video doorbell, or other forms of security in your new state. 
  1. Get a new number- This one is optional but still helpful. Visit your phone provider to change your phone number to one with a local area code. 
  1. Find a job, doctor, and school- This depends on your unique situation. Perhaps it was your new job that actually led you out of state, but if this isn’t the case, find a job. The worst thing to do would be to travel all this way and not be able to afford it without a job.

A good family physician is always important to establish. You never know when sickness could strike, and you want a reliable, trusted doctor to care for you. If and when your little ones are involved, finding a school must be at the top of your list in a new state. Any child that is of school-age cannot legally be truant for too long, so don’t get too caught up in the move that you forget about school. 

  1. Decorate- One of the greatest thrills about moving to any new place is the decorating. Give your space the fresh look you’ve been dreaming of. Once you decorate, it will truly feel like yours; like your new home.
  1. Explore- Of course, there is so much more beyond the finely decorated walls of your home. Once you’re in a new state, explore! Getting to know the town is fun and important, so that you may have access to all the things you need: groceries, a bank, the hospital, etc. 
  1. Make new friends- while you’re exploring, get to know your neighbors, your coworkers- make some new friends wherever you are. If you really want to feel ‘settled in’, it’s best to do so by meeting new people.

At the same time, let your old friends and family know you’ve arrived. Invite them for a visit; this gives them and you something to look forward to. You did it! You’ve moved to a new state, started a new life, and created a new adventure.

All it took is some support from your family, professional cross country movers, and of course all that traveling. Moving to a new state is often refreshing. It gives you a new sense of purpose and a fresh start. Once you’ve taken all the steps needed to complete your move, surely it will feel just like home again.

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