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Tips for Moving to A New City Alone

Overcome moving anxiety and loneliness by reading our in-depth guide on surviving and thriving in a new city. Make the most of your move, even if you're alone.
Tips for Moving to a New City alone - Moving APT

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Although relocating to a new city is full of challenges; however, moving to a new city by oneself could be more challenging. The first difficulty you will face is planning house relocation without any of your closed associates giving you a helping hand.

You will also feel it the more when you relocate to a new and unfamiliar environment. For those looking to have a new beginning, relocating to a new city alone could be the best step in rediscovering yourself, especially, if you do the relocation for a purpose.

The stresses you will encounter when you move alone are much different from the ones you will face when you just pack and ship your belongings.

The move can be stressful, terrifying, lonely, and depressing, but there is always a way out. When you properly prepare for your relocation to a new city, you will be faced with less stress.

Here, we have compiled readily prepared tips for moving to a new city alone and will be segmented into stages for more understanding.

How to Move to a New City?

What comes to mind when considering moving to a new city will be – “what is the first thing to do when moving to a new city? Proper preparation for the move is the vital key to handling such move.

The main aim of this guide is to order your steps in making the best decisions during the entire process. It is divided into two parts, before relocating and after relocating.

Before the Move – How do you plan to move to another City?

The success of every move is based on the level of planning for the event. Below are some of the best ways to plan to move to another city alone:

1. Have the Right Reasons to relocate to a New City

Making sure you are relocating to a new city for the right reasons is the number one thing you will need to consider, as relocating to a new city is not child’s play.

Sometimes, there is a kind of feeling that comes from within you that you needed a big change, and you wouldn’t tolerate any obstacle that may want to stop you from making a move.

Relocating for work or finding a better job to develop your career is mostly the major reason to relocate to a new city. Affordability of the cost of living in a new city is another good reason to relocate, as you will be able to manage your little salary effectively.

However, you have to make sure your reasons for relocating to a new city is justified regardless of what reasons influenced your decision to relocate.

2. Check your Financial Strength to see if you are ready for the Move

Once the decision to move to a new city has been made, there are just a few numbers of things that can hinder you from picking up your items and relocating to a different city. One crucial factor is not having enough funds to cover relocation expenses.

The major task that must be given the highest priority is creating a relocation budget, so you can determine if you have sufficient funds to relocate even though there are many other tasks to embark on when moving.

3. Cost of relocating to a New City

You are to request cost estimates from best out of state moving companies to compare their prices. The most affordable quote should be chosen but make sure you notice carefully any additional services and general conditions added to the quotes.

Know the difference between these moving companies by verifying their legal status with the USDOT, their online reputation in terms of relocation reviews, and what professional moving associations they belong to in the moving industry.

You may need to re-evaluate your reasons to relocate if your budget check is telling you there is not enough funds to make that house move. You will have to come up with a decision on whether to postpone it till the time you have gathered enough to actualize the relocation.

4. Purchase a Map of your New City

It is normal to have it in mind to use Google Maps on your phone; however, you may be surprised that the new city, even though large, doesn’t have enough cell phone service. Underground transportation services may also not be available.

You will get more familiar with the environment when you keep a map where you can easily access it. Create a short reminder to refer to the map whenever you come home to see if you could have taken a better route and also to get familiar with the streets in your area.

5. Organize the Move

At first, planning and organizing a smooth relocation with no error on your part is all it takes to move to a new city. You are left with friends to lend you a hand during the moving preparation, or you hire the service of a professional cross country movers that has lots of experience in relocation, as you have no family members to assist you on the relocation.

You will have an idea of what is waiting to happen in the new home when you arrive if you organize a successful relocation.

To make judicious use of the time you have until the D-day, it is highly recommended that you follow a moving checklist that will guide you on the tasks to do when relocating to a different city alone.

6. Think about getting a Roommate(s)

The city you move to will determine if there is a need for you to have a roommate. You will be able to save more money as well as meet new people when you have a roommate.

Not minding whether your new roommate turns to your best friend or not, you will get the opportunity to meet new people and expand to a community.

7. Only pack the essential Items

Regardless of the distance, you are relocating to, it is a difficult task to pack. Packing too many of items when relocating alone to a new city might be an awkward step, as there will be no one to help you unpack when you arrive in the new city.

Also, moving to a new city is mainly to start a new life, so let the purpose kick in. Dispose of or donate any non-essential items as much as possible even though it might feel like you are losing on cash, the amount you will be paying for moving all your belongings to your new place will make you think otherwise.

Pro Tips

Pro Tip

Another common reason for moving to a new city is educational purposes. If you’re moving to a new city so that you can continue your education, then you have a few other options opened up in terms of housing. Undergraduates will likely have access to on-campus housing options for their first year. 

After the Move

There is no doubt; there are times when you will feel the loneliness that comes with living in a new city. However, there are many things you can engage in that will shift your attention until you adapt to the system in your new city. These also include some methods to improve your social circle so that you have more people around you.

Below are some helpful tips on how not to feel lonely when you move to a new city alone:

1. Keep your Relationships with Old Pals alive

Always manage to keep your old relationships alive even though you’ve relocated to a new place. You will not be much lonely in your new place when you keep in touch with your friends back home. Prepare a chat routine with your friends and family via phone or video.

2. Explore your New City

Making friends in a new city can be hard, and if you are the type that you are fond of staring at your phone, then it might be impossible. Endeavor to interact with people physically, and do not rely much on your phone to get problems solved.

Don’t be shy to ask for the road that leads to the local coffee shop or the restaurant down the street. Understand the layout of the entire place you find yourself, whether the whole city or just your neighborhood.

Schedule some time to tour the iconic places and landmarks in your new home. Once you know your way around, you will feel among in your new city.

3. Try New Things

You are already out of your comfort zone once you have successfully moved to a new city all alone. You will have more chances to meet new people and enjoy the new life in your new city when you continue to try new things. Say yes to whatever will make you feel belong in the new city. Explore new things each week to find ease in settling in.

4. Remember the Reason behind your Move

Always remind yourself of the major reasons why you make the long and life-changing move, and the excitement you get when you think about the new life ahead before the move.

Do not forget your source of motivation when you are thinking about the relocation. You can draft a list if need be.

5. Treat yourself

Relocating to a different city can be both stressful and scary. You deserve to take good care of yourself. Treat yourself out to a nice dinner. Buy nice things for yourself. Get a new camera lens to take quality photos of your new home.

Locate and try out the neighborhood acupuncture center down the street. Fix your nails if you a female. There are many things you can do that will not affect your budget.

6. Try a New Hobby you’ve never considered before

You can join a foreign language class, learn crocheting, and do as many as possible things you so wish to do. You will be meeting people with like minds that have been hoping to get the opportunity to do some things just like yourself.

This will give room for you to make more friends. No one could ever believe you could find a lasting bond with someone who also fancy sketching nude people like you do.

7. Be easy on yourself

It is important to note that relocating to a new city alone might be time-consuming, but it is worth it. Try to meet new people, and have some private time to yourself, but go easy on yourself. Meeting your new best friend on your first day in the new city might not be possible, but your people will eventually come to you.

8. Manage your Budget properly after your Move

Going back to economic mode immediately after the relocation is the best way to survive moving to a new city. This is so important because how you adjust and adapt to sudden changes and new environments will be determined by how well you manage your budget after the relocation.

Avoid the mistake of rushing to the grocery stores the day after relocation day, so as not to buy unnecessary things. Although you will be tempted to, resist the impulse by making sure you have everything you needed written out on paper and check your budget if you can still afford those things before you storm the stores.

Checklist for Moving to New City

You need a quality and exceptional moving checklist that will guide you to a successful relocation without much stress. There are lots of moving checklists online that claim they are the best until you start packing for the move and discover they cannot be followed practically.

We generally include the task you have to complete before the moving day in this checklist. Note that the pre-relocation period that begins your move is confirmed, and it ends on the moving day after you have settled-in in your new location.

Below is a typical moving to a new city alone checklist:

1. Fill out a moving quote form

How much it will cost you to relocate your household must be known. To get an accurate price estimation from professional relocation companies, complete a free and short online moving quote form, so they can contact you. Long distance moving companies specialize in providing cost estimates for moves over significant distances.

2. Update your postal address

Make sure you change your postal address before the moving day, you can choose to do it in person at the local post office closer to you or do it online. To save a lot of time, follow a detailed change of address checklist available online.

3. Request for mail forwarding

Enlist the help of a neighbor or close friend who lives closer to your old home to have your mail forwarded to your new home address until your address has been updated to the new one. Leave some cash with them for the shipping.

4. Share your new address

Share your new postal address with colleagues, friends, family, important organizations and institutions. This can be done through e-mail, over the phone, on social networks, or in person.

5. Cancel subscriptions

Make sure all home-delivery services are canceled, as you will soon be relocating to a new address. You can also put an end to your membership to clubs, organizations, gyms, hobby groups, etc.

6. Have your utilities transferred

Contact your utility companies and schedule an arrangement with them on when to reconnect your old home utilities such as water, phone and internet services, gas, central heating, and electricity at the new home.

7. Get your medical records

You are required to collect all your medical records and documentation with your family dentist and physician, as this will help your registration with a new medical care provider in the new city you are relocating to.

8. Say your goodbyes

Include a visit to your family and friends on your busy household move as well. You can as well invite them to a pre-relocation party in your old home, or you take them out on a drink to say your farewells.

9. Compare moving estimates

You can now compare the moving estimates you received from the relocation companies one to another after the in-house survey is over. Carefully consider the additional services they offer as well as their charges.

10. Protect your move

Double-check a price quote that is much lower compared to what other companies issued to you. When a quote looks absurdly cheaper, it could be a sign that the moving company is up to no good.

11. Manage your moving paperwork

Gather all the required documents from your cross country movers and read through them carefully to understand the agreements before you sign it. Avoid signing incomplete or blank documents.

12. Get a new job

If you are yet to get a new job in the new city, you can go ahead and update your CV and then start job-hunting. Securing a job means you have a stable source of income; this is so important than any post-relocation task. This will be discussed in detail in our subsequent articles.

Pro Tips

Pro Tip

Consider having a friend or family member visit during your first week or two in your new place. Moving to a new city by yourself can get really lonely, and it may be helpful to have some sort of familiar face that comes by for a couple of days.


Is it safe to use apps and websites to meet new people in my area? 

Absolutely! More people than ever are making the choice to use the internet to make new friends. If you’re going to make new friends and meet new people in your area, be sure that you always let people know where you’re going and that you meet in public spaces. It’ll prevent you from being in a potentially perilous situation and it gives you peace of mind.

What resources can I use to learn my new area well? 

As mentioned above, the internet can be a great place to go. If there is a college or university in the area, use their website to see what they have to say around the surrounding town or city. And, in some cases, you’ll be just fine if you just walk or drive around so that you can gain your bearings and see what’s out there.

Will I be safer living alone in the city or the suburbs? 

Nowadays, both the city and the suburbs are great places to live. Many cities have worked hard to become safer places to reside, and you can find all sorts of info about community safety on the web. Learn about the potential options that you have and figure out which would be safer for you.


Regardless of the reason for your moving to a new city alone, a big adventure is on your way. Be prepared and start packing as your new life is waiting for you. Do you still have other things to add? Drop them in the comment box!

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