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Find The Best Moving Companies in Connecticut

Connecticut moves are always easier with the help of professional movers. And the best place to find and hire professional movers in Connecticut is Moving APT. With a comprehensive database of moving partners vetted for licensing, reputation, and customer satisfaction, Moving APT is the best way to get accurate quotes and expert moving help from the best in the business.
Roadway Moving - Moving Companies in Connecticut

Roadway Moving

Roadrunner Transit​ - Moving Companies in Connecticut

Roadrunner Transit

Two Men and a Truck​ - Moving Companies in Connecticut

Two Men And A Truck​


Connecticut, aka the Constitution State, is home to some of the best moving companies in the business. And Moving APT is here to help you find them. We understand that moving can be a stressful experience, which is why we only work with the best of the best.

We do all the work for you when it comes to finding reputable and reliable movers. We vet each and every one of our partners for licensing, transparency, and customer satisfaction so you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible service.

Our 20 years in the moving business have taught us a thing or two about what it takes to make a great mover, and our database of partners reflects that. So, if you’re looking for the best moving companies in Connecticut, look no further than Moving APT. Our site has already helped thousands find the best moving help, and we’re confident we can do the same for you.

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How Much Does it Cost To Hire Long-Distance Movers in Connecticut?

Long-distance Connecticut moves can be as little as $2,500 and may sometimes exceed $8,000. However, because any move that crosses state lines is considered long-distance, you’ll find that moving to nearby states such as Rhode Island or Massachusetts will generally fall somewhere in the middle of this price range.

Distance1 Bedroom2 – 3 Bedroom4 – 5 Bedroom
100 miles$1000 – $1500$1250 – $1700$1500 – $3400
250 miles$1200 – $2000$1500 – $3500$2,000 – $4800
1000 miles+$1400 – $2900$2100 – $6900$5500 – $7900
2500 miles+$1800 – $3700$3900 – $7500$8500+

Ultimately, the costs of long-distance Connecticut movers will be based on the total weight of your belongings and the distance between the pickup and drop-off point. While this may seem like a simple calculation, there are a few other factors that can impact the cost of your long-distance moves, such as the type of items being moved, insurance add-ons, and other optional moving services that make the process easier.

To get the most accurate estimate of your long-distance move, it’s always best to get quotes from multiple moving companies in Connecticut. This will give you the most accurate idea of what you can expect to pay for your long-distance move.

Three Qualities of a Professional Moving Company

With each move being unique, it’s important to find a professional Connecticut mover that can tailor their services to your specific moving needs. Ensure a hassle-free moving experience by looking for these three qualities of professional movers:

1. They’re licensed and insured. This is perhaps the most essential quality for professional moving companies. Licensing and insurance are mandatory by the Department of Transportation in order to operate in the state. Movers in Connecticut without DOT approval pose a risk to your belongings and are not worth your time or money.

2. They’re transparent with their pricing. You should never have to worry about hidden fees or unexpected charges with a professional mover. All great moving companies will be upfront and honest about their pricing, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

3. They have great reviews. The best moving companies will have plenty of detailed reviews regarding their service quality. If a company doesn’t have any reviews or their reviews are less than positive, it’s best to steer clear.

With these three qualities, you’ll be sure to find a professional mover who can help make your move successful.

Compare Moving Companies in Connecticut

Company Roadway Moving - Moving Companies in Connecticut Roadrunner Transit​ - Moving Companies in Connecticut Two Men and a Truck​ - Moving Companies in Connecticut All My Sons - Moving Companies in Connecticut Allied Van Lines - Moving Companies in Connecticut










Avarage Price
(2-3 Bed)
$3210- $7320$3300- $7900$2950 - $6650$3050 - $6820$2900- $8250
SuperlativeBest For Long DistanceBest Customer ServiceMost EfficientMost Experienced MoversBest Premium Services
Get a QuoteGet a QuoteGet a QuoteGet a QuoteGet a Quote
Roadway Moving - Moving Companies in Connecticut

Roadway Moving


Licenses Info:


MC#: 671325

Roadway Moving is ranked year after year as one of the best moving companies to hire. These movers know what it takes to make a seamless move and have the experience to back it up.

Since 2008, Roadway Moving has helped thousands of people complete residential and commercial moves around and outside Connecticut for an affordable price.

The company also offers a comprehensive suite of moving services, including full-service packing, storage, and auto transport. Additionally, with multiple types of moving vehicles, Roadway moving can accommodate moves of any size.



Why We Chose Roadway Moving​

Roadway Moving made our list of top five moving companies in Connecticut for their dedication to customer service and 20 years of experience in the business.

Additionally, with their comprehensive suite of services and ability to accommodate any type of move, they’re an excellent choice for those looking for a range of moving services that can handle large, small, heavy, and delicate belongings.

Roadrunner Transit​ - Moving Companies in Connecticut

Roadrunner Transit​


Licenses Info:

DOT#: 3579547

MC#: 1236055

Road Runner Transit offers one of the fastest-moving services in the New England area. Serving both residential and commercial customers, Road Runner Transit can complete local and long-distance moves in addition to offering essential moving services such as packing and storage.

One of the things that set Road Runner Transit apart from other moving companies is its unique fleet of vans equipped with air ride suspension to ensure a smooth ride for your belongings, no matter how far you’re moving.



Why We Chose Road Runner Moving

Road Runner Moving is one of the best moving companies in Connecticut due to its fast-moving services. We know that not all moves happen on the same timeline, which is why we appreciate that Road Runner Moving can accommodate those who need to move quickly.

Additionally, their supportive moving vans and air ride suspension ensure that your belongings will make it to your new home or office in one piece. Additionally, the company’s prices are some of the best in the business, making them a great choice for budget-friendly moving needs.

Two Men and a Truck​ - Moving Companies in Connecticut

Two Men And a Truck​


Licenses Info:

DOT#: 1209512

MC#: N/A

Started in 2002, Two Men And A Truck has become one of the most popular moving companies in Connecticut and the nation, with over 350 locations throughout all 50 statesTwo Men And A Truck is a full-service mover meaning they can help with everything from packing to storage to auto transport.

With an emphasis on customer service, Two Men And A Truck goes above and beyond to ensure that each move is completed according to the customer’s specifications. The popular moving company is available for local and long-distance moves of any size or complexity.



Why We Chose Two Men And A Truck​

We chose Two Men And A Truck as one of the best moving companies in Connecticut for their customer service and flexible scheduling. The company’s free on-site estimates are also a nice touch that allows customers to get a better idea of what their move will cost.

Additionally, with their ability to accommodate large and small moves, Two Men And A Truck is an excellent choice for those needing a full-service moving company that can handle any type of move.

Licenses Info:

DOT#: 900253

MC#: 390586

For over 30 years, All My Sons Moving And Storage has been helping people relocate to and from Connecticut’s 169 cities. Offering some of the most comprehensive packing services available in the industry, these movers in Connecticut make short work of getting all of your belongings ready for transport.

With their fleet of clean trucks and well-trained staff, All My Sons Moving And Storage can easily handle local and long-distance moves.

Additionally, the company’s storage services are well regarded, making them a great choice for those who need to store some or all of their belongings before, during, or after their move.



Why We Chose All My Sons Moving And Storage

Out of all the moving companies in Connecticut, All My Sons Moving And Storage offers the most comprehensive packing services.

The services not only save tons of time, but they also ensure that your belongings are packed correctly and securely for transport.

Additionally, their 30 years of experience in the moving industry is evident in the quality of their service, making them an excellent choice for those who want peace of mind during their move.

Allied Van Lines - Moving Companies in Connecticut

Allied Van Lines​


Licenses Info:

DOT#: 76235

MC#: 15735

Thousands of trucks and hundreds of agent locations make up the national moving service that is Allied Van Lines. The company has nearly 100 years in the moving business and is well-equipped to handle local, long-distance, and international moves.

With a focus on customer service, these movers in Connecticut ensure that each move is completed according to the customer’s exact specifications. Additionally, their online tracking system allows customers to keep tabs on their belongings throughout the moving process.



Why We Chose Allied Van Lines

We chose Allied Van Lines as one of the best Connecticut moving companies because of the company’s focus on customer service.

Frequently winning awards for their service, Allied Van Lines goes above and beyond to make sure that each move is completed according to the customer’s specifications.

Additionally, the company’s moving management app is a great way to keep track of your belongings, speak with customer service, and control every aspect of the moving process.

What Factors Contribute To Connecticut Moving Costs?

Sticking within your moving budget ensures you have enough funds to pay your movers and cover initial living expenses in your new location. Knowing what factors contribute to Connecticut moving costs can help you develop a budget that fits your needs and avoid surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.

1. Potential Costs for Moving Essentials

Moving essentials such as labor to load, unload, and transport your belongings is the largest contributor to your overall moving costs. However, how these costs are calculated by moving companies in Connecticut varies depending on whether you need to complete a local or long-distance move.

Local moves will be charged hourly and cover loading, unloading, and transport up to a limited set of miles. As long as your move is considered local, you’ll typically be charged an hourly rate for services ranging from $40 to $150, depending on the moving company.

For long-distance moves, your total costs will be based on the weight of your belongings and the distance being traveled. Like local moving rates, long-distance moving rates can vary between $0.50-$0.85 per pound and $0.75-$1.00 per mile traveled. Be aware that if your move crosses state lines, movers in Connecticut will automatically consider it a “long-distance” move and charge a per mile/pound rate.

2. Potential Costs for Optional Moving Services

Moving services such as packing, storage, crating, and car transport are optional services that can be added a la carte or bundled with full-service and concierge moving packages.

Average costs associated with optional moving services in Connecticut are as follows:

  • Packing/Unpacking/Furniture placement – $100-$300
  • Storage – $40-$200/month
  • Crating – $75-$250
  • Car transport – $100-$1,000
  • Junk removal – $75-$200
  • Cleaning services – $100-$300

While you can opt for these services individually based on your moving needs, it can be cheaper to book them as part of a full-service or concierge moving package that includes all or most of the services you’ll need help with. This can save you up to 15% on your total moving costs.

3. Potential Moving Costs for Required Moving Services

Access fees may be assessed by movers in Connecticut for any hazards or moving obstacles that increase the time or risk associated with your move. This can include things like moving large furniture up or down stairs, through narrow doorways, or across unpaved surfaces. These fees are charged hourly or at a flat rate, depending on the movers you hire.

You can avoid some of these access fees by: 

  • Bringing your belongings down to the ground level before the movers arrive saves you on fees for stair and elevator use
  • Getting parking permits for closer curbside parking to avoid long-carry fees for distances greater than 75 ft.
  • Unhooking appliances before movers arrive to save on disconnect and reconnect fees
  • Emptying drawers and cabinets to lighten the load and avoid overweight item fees

The best way to understand what access fees you may be charged is to have an in-home estimate from moving companies in Connecticut so that they can assess your specific moving needs and give you an accurate moving quote.

What to Know When Moving From Connecticut

Best Moving Companies In Connecticut

There is tons of advice online about the best ways to move, but the most important thing to know when moving from Connecticut is that you need to be prepared in advance to save time, stress, and money.

By creating a moving checklist and looking for movers weeks in advance, you can ensure that your move goes smoothly and that you don’t spend more than necessary.

Additionally, many Connecticut moving companies recommend:

  • Securing parking permits for your move date to avoid getting towed or fined
  • Scheduling utility disconnects and reconnects for the day after you move
  • Organizing your move during the summer to avoid winter delays
  • Labeling all boxes with their contents and the room they are going in
  • Take an inventory of all your belongings to ensure nothing gets lost during the move

By following these tips and working with a reputable moving company, you can ensure that your move from Connecticut is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Here’s How We Rank Our Connecticut Movers

Moving APT has 22 years of experience in the local and long-distance moving field, serving more than 22,000 clients to date. Unlike other recommendation sites, we do real, face-to-face business with the movers in our network. 

This makes our data more in-depth and reliable than anything else you’ll find online.

Our rating methodology is based on the following:


  • Online Reputation: We sort through reviews and company profiles to make sure your movers are highly-rated and backed by plenty of experience.
  • Industry-Insider Information: We work with movers to get a full picture of the services provided by other companies across the field.
  • Mystery Shopping: We make sure movers are giving you the same rate they give us. Sometimes we call and pose as complete strangers to make sure they’re honest.

licensing and Accreditation

  • Arbitration Program: Movers are legally required to have an arbitration program in place to compensate for lost or damaged items. We make sure it’s up to date.
  • Active Claim Department: We check to see if movers have any outstanding claims to see how they handle customers who’ve reported damages – and how quickly they help.
  • Safety Record: The FMCSA’s Safety Measurement System provides us with up-to-date information about a mover’s safety track record, including accidents and inspections.
  • Active Moving Insurance: Long-distance movers in NYC are legally required to provide full or released-value protection on all of your items. We make sure of it.

Client Feedback

  • Video and phone reviews: We ask our own clients for short video testimonies detailing their experiences with their movers. It shows which movers are exceeding expectations.
  • Online surveys: We take the time to read about each completed move to get the full picture of how a mover performed.

As a moving broker, Moving APT actually deals with drivers and movers on a daily basis. We negotiate deals for our clients and ensure that movers always honor their contracts – no last-minute upselling, no overcharging, and no funny business. 

It’s how we help our clients get moved with minimal fuss, and it’s part of maintaining clear communication between clients and moving companies.

More customers for better movers If a mover is exceeding expectations, we send them more business. If a mover needs to improve, we don’t. It’s simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire moving companies in Connecticut?

The total cost to hire Connecticut movers varies greatly with the size and distance of your move. On average, local moves within Connecticut cost $400-$2,500, while long-distance moves from Connecticut to another state cost $3,000-$5,000 or more. Be sure to get multiple quotes and shop around for the best deal to fit your budget.

How can I save money on my move?

You can save money on your Connecticut move by downsizing your belongings and getting rid of anything you don’t need, packing your own belongings instead of paying for professional packing services, scheduling your move during the off-peak season, booking a full-service or concierge move that includes all the moving services you need in one package.

Will movers in Connecticut transport plants?

Plant transport is not typically available through Connecticut moving companies. This has to do with regulations regarding the transportation of organic material by companies licensed to move household goods.

You will need to make arrangements to transport your plants yourself, give them away before the move, or look for plant transport services licensed to move plants within or outside of Connecticut.

What is the best time of year to move to Connecticut?

The best time of year to move to Connecticut is during the summer when the weather is warm and dry. This helps to avoid any delays due to winter weather conditions. Moving companies in Connecticut are typically busiest during the summer months, so be sure to book your move well in advance to secure your preferred date and time.

Is parking free for moving trucks in Connecticut?

Parking is not typically free for moving trucks in Connecticut. You will need to secure parking permits for your move date in advance to avoid getting towed or fined. Many towns and cities have specific regulations regarding where and how long moving trucks can park so be sure to check with your local authorities before your move. The moving company you hire may also be able to help understand what permits are needed prior to moving day.

Hire the Best Movers in Connecticut

When it comes to moving with ease, trust Moving APT to help you find and hire the best Connecticut movers. We have scoured through all of the moving companies in the state to bring you only the top-rated and most reputable options, so you can be confident that your move will go smoothly. 

Dani James

Dani James

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