Thing To Do When Moving To New Home

Moving into a new house can be exhausting and nerve-wracking. There are many things to do to put the new home in order for occupancy. Making a checklist of tasks to perform will help. Below is a checklist for the first thing to do.
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Thing To Do When Moving To New Home
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Let us dive into the sea; the new home journey can take a lot from you. You are happy to begin your new life, but getting there can make you feel like an unending job.

Starting from the internet to blankets to pots and pans, there are many things to do on your new home checklist before you move to a new home. If you fail to be organized, move-in day can so much be stressful.

Yes, you have a lot of things to do, but you won’t like getting to your new home on moving day and discovered there are things need to be done to secure the house and enjoy the place like a home you are coming from.

If you didn’t include home improvement and preparation in your moving checklist, you can create one separately for this purpose.

You have many things going on right now. So, to assist you to set your task list straight, we’ve gathered together this fast list of 10 most important tasks that you need to complete when moving into another home. Many of these steps don’t take much time, but they sure require that you make a timely effort to complete the job.

If you can get these things done before moving into your new home, your relocation will experience a huge success and enjoyable.

Before you move into your new home, there are some huge tasks you will need to complete. If you get these done from your new home checklist, your move will go smoothly.

1. Perform a Walkthrough

There is no better time to perform a full walkthrough of your house than when there is nothing inside. So, before you position your furniture and begin to unpack, (and better still, before unloading the moving truck, if possible), check around the home. It is even advisable to perform this task before moving day. You also may need to check, together with other things, that:

  • All repairs requested and agreed upon have been made by the former owner.
  • Everything that was to be added in the sale is inside the house presently.
  • Everything is working properly, such as switches, outlets, and fixtures.

If you discover that something is not as stated in the sale contract (for instance: the former owner moved out with the washer and dryer when they were supposed to leave them behind), contact your real estate agent to find out your recourse.

As regards the issues you discovered were not covered in your agreement, they are now your responsibility, but it is helpful to know them.

2. Ensure Your Utilities are up and Running

You should have arranged installation or connection of the main utilities of the house before your move, but if you are yet to do it for a certain reason or another, do it without wasting time. Naturally, power and water providers are the first utility companies to contact as things will look lit and smoother immediately there is gas, electricity, and water running in your new home.

Having handled the basic utilities, try making the important arrangements to gain access to the phone, internet, and other vital services.

Pro Tips

Pro Tips

You want to avoid finding out there is no electricity when the sun begins to go down after a long day of getting settled in your new home.

3. Find the Fuse Box and Water Valve

Ensure you know the location of your circuit breaker box as well as the main water valve in case of emergencies, or just in case you want to fix a power-related issue and need to power off the electricity or shut off the water supply.

You need to know the fuse that controls each part of your new house if they are not labeled at all or if the previous occupant got it wrong. Find out and label each circuit breaker properly.

Also, get familiar with the mode of the running of the main water stop valve and see if it works properly by finding any running water after the valve has been shut off. Replace it, or have someone replace it for you if it is malfunctioning.

4. Connect TV and Internet

No one likes to relocate into a dead zone. Ensure you are on top of everything before your moving day by making sure your favorite services are up and running. Do your homework properly so you can know where you stand to make comparisons and determine the service providers that will be perfect for your needs.

Arrange installation at least two to three weeks before your move to make sure that your services are up and running promptly and to also get the most convenient appointment schedule. Make a comparison of cable and internet providers, who are in your new location, order service, and arrange installation accordingly.      

5. Change Your Mailing Address

The post office allows for online changing of your mailing address, but you should prepare for the likelihood of mixing up mail for some time, and remember that not all mail will be forwarded. Take the extra precautionary step of updating your mailing address directly with your financial institutions and any other important entities you keep mail contact with.

Remember to change your address with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Go for updated licenses for drivers in your household and registrations for your vehicles.

Read How To Forward Your Mail When You Moving

6. Find Out Where to keep each Item

You will save yourself much time and stress when moving into another home if you create a plan of action for setting all your items up instead of just randomizing placement. This is so much true for large and heavy belongings like furniture. While you likely have a typical idea of what items goes in what room, allow yourself the time to consider how you want the setup to look. You can later make changes definitely, but entering this task with a plan is always a way to make it easier.

7. Prioritize Repairs

Unless you are relocating into a new home that has no previous occupants, you probably will need to do some repair works. You should have a general knowledge of these things from your home inspection, but it is reasonable to walk around on your own and know what repairs need to be completed and what thing you need to prioritize.

While you may not get into repair works immediately (there will be enough time for that after settling in), creating a list of repairs to be done and based on priorities you plan to tackle them will help you get the repair done and provide you better support when you are set to get into the work.

8. Change Locks

You don’t have any means of knowing the number of strangers that have keys to your new home received from the previous owner. Bring a locksmith to change those locks. A locksmith can fix a deadbolt if there is one missing in your door. A lot of mobile locksmiths charge about $50 and $100 to do home service, plus additional for the keys.

Pro Tips

Pro Tips

This is the best time to change all the locks to work with just one key.

9. Deep-Clean Your House

With no doubt, unpacking will also cause a lot of dust, mess, and dirt. Aside from a happy toast, the unpacking competition meets with the most moment to deeply clean your household. Buy quality cleaning products and turn your house into a new and welcoming home. Make sure everything is dust-free, nice, and shiny: properly vacuum carpets, mop floors, clean reflective surfaces, and clean and neatly arrange furniture.

If you feel that it would be difficult to spare the time or you know your budget can allow it, you can hire a professional cleaning service to properly clean your new house and give it the best look.

10. Refresh the Paint

Making a house your home by painting its interior with a fresh coat of paint is easy and most cost-effective. The best part: no one can determine the color palette or timeline; it all depends on you. If you arrange painting (DIY or hire professionals) before you move your furniture into your new home, you won’t have to haul items around again and worry about splatter reaching your valuables.

Pro Tips

Pro Tips

If you are hiring a pro painter, find out if they will provide you a discount for having free spaces. Since they can easily lay a covering flat on the floor, rather than having to protect furniture, the job may easily run to completion faster and save you money.

11. Arrange your Home to your Exact Taste

Relocating into a new home provides you a better opportunity to schedule and decorate your home the exact way you wanted it. Now is the right time to give your inner designer a chance, the one who’s been waiting inside you for years.

Be careful of past mistakes, you are free to buy new furniture pieces and decorative materials, you can try out different colors and shapes, you can also experiment with various home décor methods to create a calm, relaxing, and beautiful atmosphere in your home. Add a moderate amount of soft lighting sources across your home to repeat its charm and keep many vases of beautiful flowers on strategic spots to increase the positive energy flow in your home.

12. Meet your Neighbors

It is so much easier to meet your neighbors and less awkward to get it right when you have moved in. Together with starting on the right foot in your new environment, it is helpful to meet your neighbor when you are ready to learn about your new community and for obtaining recommendations for local services, such as the locksmith mentioned above. You don’t need to go from one door to another, but just make sure you introduce yourself the first time that you meet a new neighbor. You will go a long way with just a little bit of friendliness.   


Relocating to a new home is so much overwhelming, but by following the 12 tips mentioned above, you can have a more seamless transition. However, it has a lot to do, so be free to ask for help, whether from a friend or family member or even from a professional service provider. The sooner you can handle the big stuff; the sooner you can start feeling at home in your new house.   

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