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What is The Most Moved to State?

Zero income tax, appealing cost of living and other features make Nevada the most popular state to move to. Find out here what else makes it attractive and how best to move there.
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What is The Most Moved to State?
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Nevada is the state that people are relocating to the most, at least as of the first quarter of 2021.

There are many reasons why this is. Nevada is home to the infamous city of Las Vegas, which has been a major cultural attraction in and of itself for decades. The fact that Nevada hosts cities such as Las Vegas, Reno, and other cities that contain an endless amount of things to do and fun to have is easily the most significant reason that many are moving there.

Another reason why many are moving to Nevada is that housing there is much more cost-effective than nearly any other state.

These are just two reasons why many are moving to the state of Nevada.

There are also quite a few ways to move to Nevada, with each way possessing its own benefits and challenges.

Why Nevada?

Before learning how to move to Nevada in a way that takes your family and your budget into its best interests, it is a good idea to know exactly why many have started to move to Nevada.

The events that have taken place with the pandemic have created challenges for many states. While most of these states have overcome these challenges, many of them have overcome these challenges by creating challenges for a lot of their citizens.

The state of Nevada has overcome these challenges by actually improving in two different areas of the state: The cost of living and having no state income tax.

1. Fantastic cost of living

Nevada is one of only a handful of states that have been able to overcome the challenges over the last 18 or so months and come out the same as before, perhaps even better.

This is made explicitly clear by how much cheaper its cost of living is compared to nearby states like California, which is where many have been moving to Nevada over the last few months.

Currently, California is going through a housing crisis that is seeing the cost of housing rise across the board to nearly $2000 for a one-bedroom apartment in the state’s biggest metropolitan areas. This kind of increase isn’t uncommon for states such as California, which contain an overwhelming amount of infrastructure that doesn’t lend itself to being managed too well.

While Nevada also contains a fair amount of infrastructure in its own right, the difference is that its infrastructure has not nearly been as mismanaged. As a result, the cost of living in Las Vegas, the most populous city in the entire state, is nearly half that of California’s biggest metropolitan areas.

2. No state income tax

Moving to Nevada will instantly save you money.


There is no state income tax there, that is how.

Not only is there no state income tax in Nevada, there is also much lower property taxes. This alone provides a lot of incentive to move there, especially if you know that you are paying too much in taxes on the home that you are living at right now.

Combine this with the abundance of things that you can do throughout Nevada, and it is easy to see why it is the state that has been moved to the most over the last few months.

You need to consider the options you have when it comes to moving to Nevada if you are so interested in moving there. Let’s now explore these options, who they favor, who they do not favor, the costs involved, and the actions involved.

The Best Way to Move to Nevada

There is more than one way to move to a different state. In order to determine the best way to move to a different state, you will need to consider the size of your household, whether you are renting or owning a home, and your budget.

Some of these situations naturally lead to a certain method of moving. If you rent, for example, chances are very good that you do not need to be concerned about bringing whatever appliances you used before moving. Because of this, you’ll probably be able to move by yourself without too much trouble unless you have a lot of things that you need to move.

The size of your household can also lead to a certain method. If the size of your household is just yourself and you rent instead of your own, you can probably move completely by yourself without any help at all.

This is why it is so important to determine your exact situation before you move. It can allow you to naturally arrive at a certain method of moving.

There are three main methods you have available when it comes to moving to a different state. Let’s explore these now.

1. Moving completely by yourself

Moving completely by yourself is self-explanatory; it means that you own everything you need to move.

It means you own your own moving vehicles and are either willing to load everything in it yourself or get your friends or family to help you.

You will spend a lot of time moving this way, but it will save you more money than you could ever know. This is because you are literally doing everything yourself without any real help.

If you have the time and know that you don’t need to transport any terribly big pieces of furniture or anything else, you should consider moving completely by yourself.

2. Renting equipment and operating it yourself

Sometimes you own too many things to put into your own vehicle so that you can move to a different state.

In this case, you will need to rent some equipment to help you, whether it is a vehicle or some other kind of contraption that you’ll need to help you move.

Doing this isn’t nearly as costly as hiring a team to load everything and move for you, but in many ways, it will cost you just as much time as moving everything completely by yourself.

This is because you will still load everything into the equipment that you have rented by yourself. When you include hitching your car onto a moving truck and other kinds of preparations, chances are good that this method could take even more time than moving everything by yourself.

All things considered, this method of moving is actually not a bad choice if you do not have the budget that is necessary to completely hire a moving company. In many cases, you’ll be able to do everything that a moving team does with this method. It will just take you time.

3. Hiring a professional moving company

Now we get to the method that easily costs the most money but also saves the most time and is the best way to avoid too much stress.

Like with literally moving everything yourself, hiring a professional long-distance mover is also self-explanatory. With this method, you get a moving company to load and transport everything for you.

You may be resolved to this option if your household is very large and you have a lot of things that you need to move that you know would cost you far too much time and money to do everything yourself, whether you are renting equipment or not.

Take some time to do your research when hiring a long distance mover or local moving company. Although most of them offer complete services where they will literally take everything you own and transport it to your destination, some moving companies are definitely more reliable than others.

The Final Word on the Most Moved to State

Nevada has been considered the state that people are moving to the most as of the first quarter of this year. The state’s attractive cost of living, property taxes, and lack of state taxes on income are just three reasons why many are moving to Nevada.

When it comes to physically move to Nevada or any state, you have three options: You can move everything yourself with your own equipment, move everything yourself and rent equipment, or hire a moving team to do this.

Nevada has been discovered! If you’re looking for a change, it might be time to take a longer look at Nevada. Who knows? The many people who’ve chosen to relocate there can’t all be wrong.

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