Cheapest Way to Move Cross Country

10 Cheap Ways to Move Cross Country - Moving APTOne of the greatest difficulties that people face while planning their cross country move is to find dependable cross country movers who will transport their properties from one country to another effectively at an affordable rate. You can also keep in mind some money-saving tips; you can save a good amount of money when moving to a new location in another country.

There are numerous options available during a cross country move. The number of stuff you have, your finances and your travel objectives are the major factors in making a good decision. This will also determine the amount you will spend in the process of moving from one place to another.

Top 10 Cheapest Way to Move Cross Country:

1. Drive Your Vehicle

If your cross country move permits you to drive to the new location of the new country, you can use your own car for transporting some of your properties, therefore saving some money on the moving costs. You can easily load your car with items such as stationery, books, CDs and photo albums etc. and drive them to your location. This is one of the best options if you want to reduce the cost of moving cross country. This option is affordable; however, there will be more strain on your vehicle and may require you to install a hitch, depending on how heavy the load you are carrying is. If your vehicle is small, it will not be able to carry heavy loads.

2. Rent a Truck

Another thing you may consider is hiring a truck to carry your properties and towing your vehicle behind it. This means less pressure on your vehicle than if it was your vehicle doing the towing. This may not be an option if you’re not okay with driving big vehicles. This option is also affordable compared to some of the other ones. Getting the cheapest truck will depend on where you rent a moving truck, the sized that can carry your loads and the distance to your new location.

3. Ship Your Belonging

You can also ship your possessions to reduce moving cost. Shipping your possessions is more ideal than towing or using your car. It’s also the best option if you have big loads that you want to move. If you want to drive your own car, you can ship your belongings, and this will cause the least wear and tear on your vehicle.

4. Reduce Inventory List

The essential step in this direction would be to perfectly prepare a list of all the items you want to transport to the new location. In every home, there are items that can be disposed of. Transporting smaller items would not only mean a lesser hassle for you, but it will also ensure that you spend less on their transportation. In fact, many movers company recommend to cut down your inventory list so as to save on the cost of moving.

5. Look for Discounts

Another great money saving opportunity is in the form of discount offered by many long distance movers. They can offer a discount if you agree to allow them to store your items for a short period of time this will help them to combine several loads together and move it to the same location. If you don’t want to relocate quickly and you don’t need all your properties immediately, this option will definitely save a few bucks.

6. Rent a Moving Container

Moving containers involves making use of a storage container to deliver your loads to your location. You are allowed to pack at your own convenience while the box stays close to your home safe and secured. Once you are through with packing your moving pod can be delivered to your new location in the same state or another city. Renting out a moving container will also reduce the amount of money that you would have to pay to moving company for assisting you with cross country moving.

7. Pack Only What You Need

Do you want some extra gas? Then, sell everything that you don’t need especially things in your garage that is not useful. You can make use of Craigslist to sell off the item you don’t need. Not only will you have a much less heavy vehicle but you’ll have some extra cash to spend on your ride. Lighter vehicles mean a better gas mileage. This is very important when moving to a long distance.

8. Avoid Peak Moving Dates

If you want to move to a new location at the same time as many other people like colleagues or friends the costs will be higher both for hiring a full-service moving company as well as renting moving trucks. Therefore find the best time to move to a new location.

9. Get Help from Friends and Family

Apart from hiring moving labor, you can also ask friends and family to assist you. If you’re searching for the cheapest solution, this is probably it. Hire your friends and family as moving help and ensure to provide plenty of food and beverages. Since you may have to work around people’s schedules, and you may want to pay your friends back in some other way, such as wine, a gift card, pizza or offer them a small stipend.

10. Hire a Cheap Moving Company

Hiring a cheap moving company does not essentially compromise the quality of service that you’ll get. If you are relocating on a low budget, then it might be good to consider hiring the services of the cheapest moving company. Out of many cross country moving companies, there are some who offers a low moving rate along with good service.

The Following are the 10 Cheapest Way to Move Cross Country:

 No.  10 Cheapest Way to Move Cross Country
 1  Drive Your Vehicle
 2  Rent a Truck
 3  Ship Your Belonging
 4  Reduce Inventory List
 5  Look for Discounts
 6  Rent a Moving Container
 7  Pack Only What You Need
 8  Avoid Peak Moving Dates
 9  Get Help from Friends and Family
 10  Hire a Cheap Moving Company

Moving cross-country can be complicated, especially if your moving company does not have adequate experience in moving across the miles.  The cheapest cross country movers can be wolves in sheep’s clothing, waiting to pounce and make their own move (like stealing your money and your things).  Don’t put yourself, your family and your belongings at risk.  Check the credentials and references of your cross country movers.  Make sure they have a history of experience and then, compare the prices of those who have made the cut.

By following the above procedure, you could save a lot of money while moving to a new place in another country. You must always ensure that you do comprehensive research on all cross country movers that are reliable in providing professional moving services at an affordable price such as, we have the cheapest moving companies in the US.

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