Best State to State Movers of United States 2020

You are looking for a reputable state-to-state mover, right? Is your move involve moving from one state to another? Do you plan to have the move done smoothly without having to worry about how your household belonging will be moved? Only a professional moving company can provide you this help, or else, you will have to stress really hard to get the desired result.

You have to take quality and good movers into serious consideration when looking to transport your belongings to avoid facing issues when moving to another place. You can get to just anywhere in the USA with the best state-to-state moving companies

They are listed among the best when talking of transportation because their track record is appealing for keeping household stuff safe; they offer good pricing; they have a good reputation, never disappoint, and offer easy claims which makes their customers happy.

Figuring out moving companies in the United States is so easy. There are great numbers that consist of different shapes and multiple sizes. You may have to do a lot of work when choosing a good ones, and for that, I recommend top state to state movers looking for the best movers to move you out of state.    

What is a State to State Move?

A state-to-state move is also referred to as an out-of-state or long-distance move that involves one or more states of the United States. This type of move means that your goods will be transported across the state lines. 

Top 10 State to State Movers

We have vetted many moving companies as well as storage companies that offer state-to-state moving services and storage services to get you the best for your next move. We will point you to the best movers with the cheap moving expenses. We are working incessantly to locate a reliable mover that will handle your task. Our research was done on more than 500 state to state movers, checking their verified customer reviews, insurance data, license data, as well as federal complaint records to get you the most reliable, most reputable, and best long-distance moving company in the moving business.  

Below are top our picks:

1. National Van Lines

Best State to State Movers of United States 2020 - National Van Lines

Overall rating 4.9 / 5


National Van Lines is a private-owned moving company in the United States of America. This company has agents working for it in more than 48 states in the country. Normally, the company offers house and commercial moving & storage services for both international and local movers. The company started in 1929 by F.J. McKee.

They make use of just one wagon to make deliveries before he grows the business to Vaudeville and gets more moving trucks to globalize its moving business. National Van Lines partner with the move for hunger, a non-profit organization that helps lower the amount of food wastage and strengthens the fight against hunger as of 2015.  

Pros ✔

  • Free storage for 30 days with any type of move
  • Price match guarantee
  • Nationwide service area
  • Exceptional customer service

Cons ✖

  • Very little information available on the website
  • Lengthy quote process
  • No tracking of the shipment online

2. Mayflower Transit


Overall rating 4.8 / 5


This company has 80 years of moving experience and is more than qualified to offer state to state moving service anytime you like. They have a better understanding of what clients are. After searching for best state-to-state movers, we discovered that Mayflower presents in 650 locations across the United States.

They will handle everything professionally and will carefully and accurately map out the route in the possible efficient manner to make sure you get the best outcome. You will instantly develop a sense of trust with them, precisely what you need with a mover. 

Pros ✔

  • Available nationwide
  • Full-service moves
  • Customizable moving packages

Cons ✖

  • Inconvenient quote process

3. U-Pack

Best State to State Movers of United States 2020 - u-pack

Overall rating 4.8 / 5


This company started on the 1st of October 1997 and determined to make moving a more affordable endeavor for people looking to move but with little money. With the ABF U-Pack moving, customers can get different services for moving, self-packing, and unpacking in many countries such as Puerto Rico, Canada, and of course, the entire United States. Below are some of the services provided by U-Pack: 

  • College moving
  • Moving of military officers
  • Long-distance moving, especially to the countries mentioned above (US, Canada, Puerto Rico).

Moving equipment such as shipping containers and moving trailers are also available for relocation. 

Pros ✔

  • Payment for only the used cubes 
  • No upfront or surprise fees
  • Fast, accurate quotes
  • Optional temporary storage

Cons ✖

  • No local moves
  • Container locks not added
  • Customer service not available 24 hours

4. North American Moving Services

Best State to State Movers of United States 2020 - North American Moving Services

Overall rating 4.9 / 5


This moving company now has more than 175 branches and is not slowing down on its growth. They have begun to make a good name in the industry for both local and international moves for their services. They have a better understanding of what it takes to relocate from state to state. This company is on the list for a simple reason.

Their track record is great, response time is excellent, and organization all through the move to the perfect. This company provides one of the covetable customer services when you are looking to move to another state. The treatment you will receive will not be any less than a client who has to relocate without stress.  

Pros ✔

Cons ✖

  • Potentially pricey

5. United Van Lines

Best State to State Movers of United States 2020 - United Van Lines

Overall rating 4.9 / 5


United Van Lines is one of the best state-to-state moving companies that have stood the test of time. It has moved both families and businesses across different state lines, which implies it has wide experience in state to state move. This moving company started out in 1928 at a time when return loads services incorporation was established to take care of shipments and possessions for private companies.

The firm chose the name United Van Service when other similar traveling companies started coming out in the country; however, the firm was dissolved later in June 1933, and all its assets were sent to the present-day United Van Line. The company flourished and had its headquarters situated in Louis. Fenton.

This company has established similar operating companies that offer customized insurance for those looking to move and also sell equipment and offer worldwide moving service. Its success became enormous in 1995 and made its first billion-dollar revenue in a year. If you are looking for a reliable state-to-state mover in the US, United Van Lines is the answer. 

Pros ✔

  • Instant online estimates
  • Nationwide availability
  • Cleaning services
  • Short- and long-term storage
  • Online shipment tracking

Cons ✖

  • Unpredictable customer services

6. Wheaton Worldwide Moving

Best State to State Movers of United States 2020 - Wheaton Worldwide Moving

Overall rating 4.8 / 5


This company has been in existence since 1945. It is one of the major moving companies that started providing state-to-state moving services as a professional company. The company has developed to more than 4000 staff and 250 representatives all around the globe.

You will find this team to be a great one to go with if what you are looking for is a moving crew that provides the best service and diligently deliver an interstate moving job. One of the good reasons we have Wheaton on the top 10 is its positive track record. 

Pros ✔

  • Instant online ballpark estimates 
  • Priority moving services for emergency moves
  • High-quality online resources
  • Excellent positive track record

Cons ✖

  • Local representatives may not be consistent, so, review them before you choose

7. Bekins Van Lines


Overall rating 4.8 / 5


Bekins makes moving with them so easy and convenient. The company understands there are many moving companies available to choose from, but not all of them can guarantee peace of mind. At Bekins, their focus is to make sure you get nothing but a smooth moving experience from the beginning to the end. When you choose

Bekins as your choice of a professional moving company, even your state-to-state move will be done in a breeze. You can rely on their team of professionals for your planning, packing, loading, and delivery of your household possessions across the state. They will also keep you abreast of every development on your move.

Pros ✔

  • Instant online quotes
  • Clearly advertised discounts
  • Low-cost moving supplies

Cons ✖

  • A local agent is different

8. Atlas Van Lines

Best State to State Movers of United States 2020 - Atlas Van Lines

Overall rating 4.7 / 5


This is an American transporter established in 1948 by neutral storage firms. The company has almost five hundred representatives worldwide, and an estimate of more than 140 countries holds the Atlas world group’s shares.

Atlas world group is located in Evansville, Indiana, and is in control of Atlas Van Lines. Currently, Atlas is the second-largest motor carrier company in the country that offers state-to-state services and presently sits at the 11th position as the largest private company in the state.

Atlas is well known for the effective service it offers and also ensuring that its customers remain satisfied while handling the entire moving needs including packing, loading, storage, and much more.  

Pros ✔

  • Customizable packing services
  • Flexible storage options
  • Ability to move difficult-to-move objects like cars, pianos motorcycles, swing sets, and so on
  • AAA member discounts

Cons ✖

  • Your experience with Atlas will differ based on your local rep.

9. Allied Van Lines


Overall rating 4.8 / 5


Allied Van Lines is one of the widely known movers in the United States and was founded in 1928 as a non-profit corporate organization. Allied Van Lines is owned by some member agents staying at the East coast of the country and majors at transporting belongings and limiting the operations of moving trucks that are not loaded.

In 1968, the company was then arranged as a standard public company. Allied Van Lines merged with North American Van Lines in 1999 to rise under a holding company of Allied Worldwide, which was later renamed as SIRVA in 2002. 

When it comes to state-to-state moves, this company has high reputation and records for hassle-free moving experience.

Pros ✔

  • Customizable moves
  • Instant quotes

Cons ✖

  • Not ideal for small or short-distance moves

10. College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving

Best State to State Movers of United States 2020 - College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving

Overall rating 4.8 / 5


This is the only national full-service moving company that offers more than just moving service. It also major in the removal of junk and donation. Alongside a wide and detailed list of packing and moving services, it also offers to help remove any of your unwanted possessions, whether to donate or to the recycling center when you are moving. Of all our moving companies, College Hunks is one of the companies recommended for state to state move.  

Pros ✔

  • Estimates with no obligation
  • Full-service moving packages
  • Various assortment of Extra services

Cons ✖

  • Few options for interstate moving 

How to choose the Best State to State Movers

You have to take many factors into account when getting ready for a move that involves long-distance. Finding the perfect state to state moving company for your moving project is inclusive here. It is certain that the selection process will present a lot of challenges as there are many different companies in the moving market lately.

Below are some of the things you should consider when researching movers to make the best out of state-to-state movers: 

License and Insurance

Do not hire a moving company that doesn’t have proper licensing and insurance in place to avoid having an issue with your move. Note that any group of people can come together and call themselves a moving company even without having the proper paperwork in place for the safety of your item all through the moving process. During state to state moves, the best movers are expected to comply with the USDOT’s registration requirements.

Check if the mover complies with the licensing laws and other regulations required by the business bureau. You can easily check their licensing through many government-designated websites. Also, make sure the moving companies provide insurance coverage for the protection of your household stuff from loss or damage.  

Accurate Moving Costs

The mover you hire will provide a binding estimate for you, which states the number of things you have to pay for. They arrive at the computation based on the number of movers, as well as the hours you may require for the completion of your move. However, it is important to observe that your moving price estimate doesn’t include extra services and other unplanned additional services.

Make sure you ask your mover of any suspicious or additional fees in the moving quote. Check for another moving company if they refuse to supply reasonable information. Finding out the cost of a move is very important because it is one of the factors coupled with moving home estimates that may determine your budget.


It is advisable to have knowledge of how much your state-to-state move cost. This will help you to compare various moving estimate submitted by different moving companies. The cost of state to state moves will be discussed later in thus post.

Proven Track Record

The best option is to hire an experienced moving company that has crossed state lines record countless times. You can discover a company’s track record of pricing transparency, arriving earlier, and prioritizing the safety of your items from online information about them. You should consider a mover with a good reputation and adequate competency instead of a mover that has no oral recommendations anywhere. 

Online Reviews

Making selection decisions is sometimes a hard thing to do, considering the number of companies to research. In such a case, reading online reviews is always a good idea to research more information about them. Generally, people give reviews on whether their experience was sweet or sour. Hence, ensure you check some review websites to read reviews of the particular movers you are looking to hire. 

Why you should hire Professional state-to-state Mover

Moving across the country is very complicated than relocating just across a town. In this case, there are more benefits that come with state to state movers when hired for a long-distance move. You can be certain of a smooth transition when you have them beside you for the moving day. Below are some of the reasons to get professional movers as great importance for your upcoming state to state move: 

  • They’re accountable: A full-service moving company is tasked with accountability when hired. They throw themselves into taking full responsibility for every part of your move when you work with them. These companies will make sure the process runs smoothly from loading your goods to the moving truck to deliver them safely at new home. However, the responsibility to oversee the safety of your goods from start to finish depends on you when decide to move without getting any assistance. 
  • They’re efficient: Professional state to state moving companies have the capability to handle bulky items and other fragile household items during the move. With their expertise and skills, they can efficiently transfer all your stuff without wasting time since they use a unique technique that ensures that they maintain efficiency all through the job. 
  • They provide a very safe moving process: Interstate moving requires many planning and preparation to ensure your safety through the relocation. Considering the situation, the safety of your goods is ensured when you hire full-service professional movers. They will load and unload your moving boxes and properly pack furniture items with no issue. Also, you will also be getting rid of any damage to your goods when you seek professional assistance as they use the relevant materials for the move.
  • They offer no difficulty: A reputable mover can reduce the hassles and risks that accompany state to state moves. There will certainly be more complications, even if you get help from your family and friends. Therefore, working with a professional moving company who can help you pack your goods and eliminate the worry from your moving is always the best idea.  
  • They give instant, professional relocation service: You can get help from a certified mover who will help simplify the moving process by providing you with quick and professional moving services. These moving professionals can give you a timeline for your items to get to your new home, unlike in a DIY move. If you don’t have the luxury of time, it is important to hand over your interstate move to a professional state to state mover.  
  • They’re reliable: You can always move with the help of your friends and family, but to reduce the stress involved in moving for everyone, it is advisable to get professional movers to render the required assistance. They provide the most reliable option since they are well-trained to understand the best moving and packing methods. This will ensure proper and safe transition of your household possessions.    

How much does State to State Move Cost?

The cost of moving state to state is dependent of your destination and the number of goods you are transporting to another state. State to state moving cost is about $4,900 on the average based on the average weight of 7,400 pounds, and a distance that averages 1,225 miles, with other required moving services.

You may find these numbers a bit too high, but note that interstate moves are naturally costly compared to a local move. State-to-state moving companies are required to charge based on the weight of your goods when crossing another state while local moving companies are allowed to charge the hourly rate.

We can attest to the fact that the average cost mentioned above is most accurate based on our experience in hiring a professional mover to take care of many state to state moves. Moving from my 1-bedroom apartment from Massachusetts to Florida cost a bit above $4,300 with an average of 1,225 miles.

How does the Moving Cost determine?

As discussed earlier, there are three factors that determine the cost of a state-to-state move and these include: the total weight of your household goods which implies that the more goods you move, the more costly your move will be, the mileage between your current home and your destination home; for example, those moving to a nearby state can be ready to pay lesser amount than those relocating across the nation, and the labor costs, which is determined by each state. 

Other considerations include:

  • Packing– You will be charged based on the supplies and time of the company that help you pack and unpack your household items regardless of the volume or type. These charges also involve any assembly or disassembly of furniture items both in your old and new home. 
  • Travel fees –Always remember fuel charges as well as labor costs when moving your things to another location. The farther your move takes you, the more expensive your charges become. 
  • Liability and valuation coverage – State-to-state moving companies are according to the law required to provide two different valuation choices for customers; Released Value Protection and Full Value Protection. Full Value Protection is more complex and requires moving companies to replace goods or reimburse customers with money for the current value for the damaged or lost goods. Released Value Protection covers about $ .60 per pound shipment liability. It is also referred to as the most economical option as it only provides the minimum coverage.  
  • Third-party insurance– If you are worried about your things, especially if they are so valuable, you have to purchase third-party coverage. Make sure you take photographs of all your goods and properly document them alongside your receipts. These documentations will come of great help in case you need to file a claim. Also, it is important to know that your homeowner’s insurance may cover any theft to your belongings while moving.  
  • Storage You will enjoy the convenience when you get a mover to store your belongings for you at any point in the moving process, especially if your move involves a very long-distance. You should just get ready to pay an additional fee for this storage service. Each moving company determines their storage rates, so make sure you request for specifics about their storage facilities.  

How to lower Moving Cost during State to State Move

State-to-state moves can cost significantly, especially because of some factors associated with the distance and weight of the shipment being transported across the country. Moving locally always comes cheaper because of less distance covered, and your journey doesn’t necessarily need to take you a whole day or more.

Although the average state-to-state moving cost differs, the American Moving and Storage Association said it is around $4,300. Not every citizen of American that requires the service of a mover to relocate can really afford this amount. We have come up with some possible methods of cutting moving costs on your state to state move.

Tips to reduce cost of your move include:  

  • Pack yourself: You will certainly save some time and stress by hiring pro packers for your belongings, but you will spend money. We advise that you start planning on how to gradually pack your goods by yourself in order to save packing costs and use the money on something more essential on the move as you relocate to your new home. Although each mover determines their packing rates, the difference between a company from another is only a matter of hundred dollars in the minimum. We encourage you to pack your household things by yourself or get a family or friends to assist with packing. 
  • Register with AAA: Members of AAA may be qualified for a discount moving and storage. For instance, Atlas Van Lines offers great and Full Value protection only to members of AAA that are looking to relocate to another state.
  • Reduce your belongings: The more things you own, the more expensive your interstate relocation will be. It is advisable that you reduce your belongings before you decide on moving by selling, donating, or recycling some of it to reduce your moving cost.
  • Pick the right move date: Your moving cost can be significantly affected by when you decide to leave for the new home. We recommend you take a day off at work during the week because we discovered from our research that the perfect time to move is in the mid-month or mid-week. This is because moving demand at that time is always low, and many movers will be available. However, if you are targeting the weekend, you should know that the weekends in a year are not much, so you will have to face many people targeting weekend moves as well. Also, do not move during holidays, Labor Day, and other national holidays, as it increases the cost of your move.   


Note that even though the above factors may help lower moving cost, it doesn’t change the fact that a great cost will be required by your state-to-state move, so always manage to follow the tips above to at least bring the expensive cost down a little. We mostly find relocation inevitable, and thus we advise that you always make advance planning a priority when moving to another state.

State to state Moving Tips

A comprehensive task list is required for someone who has long stayed in a location before looking to relocate to another state. You cannot just hire a leading state-to-state moving company in the country and just fold your arm. You have to be up and doing months before the moving date.

You might need to move just across the street or have to travel down to another state to resume on a new job. Not minding the reason for your state-to-state move, we give you many tips that will give you a sweet and unforgettable moving experience. These include: 

1. Perform Research

We have given you a good start by giving you a list of 10 best state-to-state movers; however, each moving company on our list offers something unique that matches your relocation needs. Also, the majority of these movers offer discounts by packaging moving products and services. This deal is available all through the year, which implies that you should properly check each mover’s websites to find out which of them is running discounts presently. 

2. Request for Free In-Home Estimates

Moving quote is helpful to get rough idea of how much your move may cost, in-home estimate will give the actual cost. Our easy moving calculator is one of the best ways to start your search for a cheap moving company.

However, try and screen your list of movers into three to get a clear idea of the cost of your move. You can then request an in-home inventory estimate. Make sure these three moving companies on your list have positive moving records, especially in state-to-state moves.

After performing an in-home survey, the moving company’s representative will be able to see all the stuff you plan to pack inside a moving truck. Don’t forget to collect a non-binding moving estimate. A non-binding to exceed moving estimate is one of the three techniques moving companies used to determine estimates, and it will contain the overall moving cost. 

3. Plan for your new home and kids School

Some write-ups suggest that anyone looking to move to another state should first get home in the new state home. For you to be reading this write-up on the best state-to-state movers, we assume you have already gotten a nice home.

You are not considering hiring a mover while you are yet to get housing in your destination home. Your next line of action is to get a nice school for your kids. If it is in your plan to spend your old age at a new place in another state, then you might want to find a community college or a university that offers four years course to work on getting something you’ve always dreamed of. 

4. Organize your Documents

There are many things written about how you should pack your things for a state-to-state move. It is very essential to have a nice packing plan in place before your moving truck gets to your property. However, you have to discover a way to organize all your important personal and professional paperwork.

Although we are in the digital age, there are still documents like passports and birth certificates that still come in hardcopy. These and other highly essential documents must be protected carefully, perhaps inside a waterproof plastic folder.

5. Start Packing now

You can now start packing your things as you have securely packed your personal and professional documents. Always remind yourself that it is never too early to pack for a relocation. Take some time to reflect on what you can do without your move to a new state.

You can sell any item that is not making a move with you to the new state or donate them to a charity organization like Salvation Army or Goodwill. The overall cargo weight is a determinant of the overall state-to-state moving cost. Packing fewer items and purchasing what you need in the new home town will help you save a lot of money when moving.   

6. Contact Utility Companies

You have taken much time planning your out-of-state move. One of the leading state-to-state movers above is ready to take on your moving job and make it seamless. You have packed your things and gotten schools for your children; however, there is one thing on a moving task list that most people forget to do. They forget to contact the utility companies.

You must inform your utility companies of your new residence, with advance notice of a month, it is considered adequate time to turn the lights off. Just around the same time, you need to inform the utility companies of your new residence. A poor way to start in your new home is to move in without electricity.

7. Forward your Address

It is more than receiving mail in your new home regularly — everyone who is important needs to know about your new address. Update your business contact information and your contact information with your working place. Send a text message and an email to individuals to make sure they all get the new home address. 

8. Keep your entire Moving Receipt

You should be able to make deductions of your donations on your state and federal tax forms in case you donate some of your items. Your federal income tax form might also allow you to deduct moving expenses as well, but that is if the move was due to a job. Lastly, these receipts will also be required for verification if your employer decides to reimburse you for moving.   


How do I select a state-to-state mover?

Movers provide various services at certain fees. Talking with different moving companies will enable you to make a comparison of their various services. Ask for previous moving experience from your friends and families as well as neighbors. Check if the movers are members of any professionally recognized associations in the country such as the AMSA. Also, check the Better Business Bureau or other consumer organizations in your area. 

Is there any difference between state-to-state and intrastate move, and how do they regulate the moving industry?

The arrangement of the professional moving industry is different for various move types, and it will help you with some clarity on local moves (intrastate moves as you don’t cross to another state) and long-distance moves (state-to-state move because you pass at least one state line and also enters into interstate commerce which is regulated by arms of the USDOT, as well as international moves (which is between the United States and another country in a foreign market which is monitored by the FMC).

The states in which local or state-to-state moves occur are responsible for its regulations. Almost 30 states have different levels of regulation, and others are not regulated.

Check the office of the attorney general of your state to see if there is any regulated body in the state and which office is in charge of moving companies. Check to find a list of state relocation associations and regulatory bodies for the state that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration monitors.  

What amount does it cost to move state-to-state?

The overall cost of moving to another state is set at about $4,500, on a distance of 1,250 miles and a total weight of 7,500 pounds. 

How do I organize a state-to-state move?

Creating a budget and relocation checklist is the most important part of organizing a state-to-state move.  

How are charges calculated for state-to-state moves?

state-to-state moves are charged based on the weight of your things and the distance that you are relocating to and are mostly made to be covered by higher liability in case of a claim against your mover.

International charges are dependent on a combination of the changes in the land between your location and the ports, the ocean shipping between the ports, and any extra customs, handling charges, or portage that may be required in the participating countries.


Just like every other industry, the moving industry is a battleground for competitors, and everyone is presumed to be the best at providing moving services. However, there are always many options available for you to pick from.

To screen the list of state-to-state movers nearest to you, conduct your research, shop movers, and make use of all the information given above to make a quality decision on quality decisions moving company easily.

Remember that the stress you go through to find the right mover for your move is always deducted from your moving stress. Also, the network of licensed and insured state-to-state movers on our network also presents you with the opportunity to receive a moving estimate from a reputable state-to-state moving company closer to you. Do have a wonderful state-to-state moving experience.  

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