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Is It Cheaper To Hire Movers or Rent A Truck?

Find out whether movers or truck rentals are cheaper when moving and learn the pros and cons of doing a DIY move and hiring professional movers.
Is It Cheaper To Hire Movers or Rent A Truck?

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It is most often cheaper to rent a moving truck and plan to move on your own than to hire movers. However, the choice really comes down to whether you prefer saving money or saving time with the convenience and ease of a full-service moving company.

You’ll pay the highest cost when working with a full-service moving company but you will ensure that your move is easier, faster, more efficient, and done in a way that best fits your household. DIY moves save money, but you’ll be doing everything yourself and will need to put in the hours and labor required to execute the move.

Let’s explore these options and go over what you can do to save money on your move.

Hire Movers or Rent a Truck?

Whether you hire movers or rent a truck and do a DIY move or some form of hybrid, there are benefits that you will reap. When you hire movers, prepare for a more expensive move that is also much easier to facilitate. Full-service local moving companies run an average of up to $3,000 for local moves and $8,000 for long distance move.

Renting a truck is often far cheaper, with the average local move renting a truck averaging a few hundred bucks. If you plan on moving cross country, you’re looking at an average of about $2,000 for the truck rental as well as fuel.

Benefits of Full-Service Movers

If you’re considering a full-service long-distance moving company because you’re short on time or simply aren’t physically capable, then be sure to consider some of the following benefits.

  • They can pack all of your boxes. Packing moving boxes may seem easy at first but you can soon find that packing isn’t as simple as it seems. Packing requires a lot of organization, labeling, and making sure things are fitted so that they can be moved safely. Full-service moving companies will take care of packing for an extra fee.
  • Alleviate some of the stress of moving. There’s a lot that goes into moving and having professionals take care of things alleviates a lot of stress. They can disassemble furniture, use equipment to safely load items, and more.
  • Keep your belongings safe and sound. Movers offer insurance when conducting all moves, so you’ll be protected. Moving professionals also have the training to make sure items are not damaged while they’re being loaded, transported, and unloaded.
  • Save time on completing your move. The time it takes to handle every facet of a move adds up, but a moving team makes things fast and easy – even faster than a crew of your closest friends who you’ve promised pizza.

Disadvantages of Full-Service Movers

  • Full-service movers are expensive. It’s true – you’ll be paying more with professional moving companies, especially if you choose additional services or have oversized items to move.
  • You will need to schedule everything months ahead of time. Movers make schedules based on logistics, so if you want the best price and turnaround you should make sure to schedule your move months ahead of time.

Benefits of DIY Moves

Set on renting a moving truck and doing a DIY move? This is your best bet if you want to save money when moving, and there are some benefits to choosing this route aside from saving money – though this is included, of course.

  • You’re in full control. Movers have restrictions and requirements that you do not have to adhere to, which means all of your plants can ride along with you. You control how fast or slow you conduct your move along with everything else involved in moving.
  • You’ll save money – one of the biggest reasons people choose a DIY move. For smaller budgets, you can find ways to save money easily and won’t have to pay movers an hourly rate.

Disadvantages of DIY Moves

  • You might be in trouble with heavy items. If you have larger items, such as pianos, large mirrors or oversized couches, you’re going to have to figure things out on your own. One option to help with this is to hire moving labor. That will cost money but hiring movers just for labor will not be as expensive as hiring full-service movers.
  • Planning is all on you. Movers work on logistics, so they handle all planning required. You’re going to have to ensure that you have trucks, scheduling, and everything else needed to transport your stuff.
  • Problems may pop up. Anything can happen during a move. If the truck breaks down or something breaks, you’ll be dealing with that yourself and it can take even more time to move.

Frequently Asked Questions

What month is the cheapest to rent a moving truck?

You will find the best rates for moving truck rentals in the winter when moving services are in much less demand. You can begin planning moves whenever you wish, but getting a rental truck is cheaper during the middle of the month and most often on Tuesdays. You can even ask movers about their rates and get quotes for different times to find the cheapest truck rental.

How much is the average rate for full-service movers?

The average price you’ll pay per hour for a full-service long distance moving company to conduct your move can be between $25 and $50. You’ll know how much to expect to pay by getting a moving quote from movers and including all necessary information on items being moved. You’ll also want to calculate tips for movers, especially if your move is difficult.

How can I make my move cheaper?

There are plenty of tips to make your move cheaper, such as getting free boxes, recruiting friends to help, borrowing a moving vehicle, getting numerous estimates, and using your own containers to pack items without having moving boxes. Planning moves early also lowers the price of movers, so you save money with professional help.

What’s The Best Option for My Move?

The best option for your move will depend entirely on your household, budget, amount of work you want to put in, and any special items you may have that require professional skill to move properly. If you’re looking for the most convenience, choose a full service moving company. If the priority is the cheapest move possible and you have the time and can put in the work, a DIY move may be best.

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